Friday, August 29, 2008

God's protection for little children...

Oh, my goodness, my little Sami! Everyone says to me, well now you have a boy! As if a boy is going to be the one in our family getting into all the mischief. Every time someone says that to me, I reply, "Ah, but you don't know Sami."

My little Sami. She is exuberant and willful. She has a mind that gets set on things and she goes after them. So determined! And yet, also so disobedient. It is interesting because her disobedience is not rooted in any meanness or intent to disobey me, per say. It is rooted simply in her desire to do whatever it is that she has her mind and heart set on!

Yesterday, we were at the farmer's market. She didn't stay with Autumn, Eli, and me, but went around the other side of the car, stepped on some broken glass and needed to be bandaged up. Ay Ay Ay! Thank goodness for the kindness of friends who helped me juggle everything.

This week, she has
1. Poured soap from Chris' head and Shoulder's bottle into the bath tub--to make bubbles for the fish to eat. I'm not sure if she drank any of the water with bubbles or not.
2. Opened our toothpaste (again not sure if she ate any), attempted to open the listerine, and emptied out the dental floss while "going to the potty".
3. I can't even remember number three right now. I'm tired =) But, somehow, I remember there to be several more things. Oh, yes, she climbed where she was told not to in Duke's Lagoon at Dutch Wonderland and fell.

There is a reason why she is my child who broke her foot at 18 months old simply running down the hall!

I am thankful for God's protection of my child. And I pray that I will be able to help her learn that when Mommy says "NO!" there is a very good reason why!

So, for now, I am trying to help her learn that she must obey and follow directions in even the little things. I have to find the strength in the Lord to stand firm with her moment by moment and help her to learn that it is important to do what she is told to do. It takes a lot of energy!

And when do I get to sleep??? Maybe next year.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Potty Training...Yahoo!

Last night, my little Sami woke me at 2 am crying because she needed to use the potty! She hadn't wet her pants, but she knew she needed to go and it was dark and everyone was sleeping. I woke, then she went and used the potty, and then went back to bed.

I think she's really getting it! This morning she's gone twice when she's needed to go. I heard her say once, "I need to go potty." She walked right out of the room quickly to the bathroom and went!

I am so thankful that this is going as well as it is! I am also glad that I waited until she was closer to 3. I'm sure she could have done it earlier, but I don't know if I would have had enough patience.

I'm very proud of her.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weighty Thoughts

Lately, I've been thinking a lot of things about my weight. Much of it is prompted because I had a baby almost 4 months ago. But, to be honest, I think I probably would think about it anyways.

When I was growing up, my dad was always encouraging me to watch my weight. And then when I graduated from college at 122 lbs., my dad suddenly turned to me and said, "so when are you going to gain some weight?" (implying I was too thin) and in my mind I replied, "when have I ever been thin enough?" Most of my family struggles with their weight or watch their weight and several people including my dad have Type 2 Diabetes. So, it's something I think about for that reason.

With each of my pregnancies I've gained more weight. First, 39 lbs. with Autumn, then 43 lbs. with Sami and now 47 lbs. with Eli. When I hit 25 lbs. with Autumn the first time, my doctor expressed some concern and cautioned me to watch what I was eating. But, after I lost all but 5 lbs. within 2 or 3 months after having her, he told me not to worry. And so, when I had Sami and had already gained 22 lbs. and was only 23 weeks into my pregnancy, he said he wasn't worried about how much weight I had gained. This time I had some wonderful midwifes who didn't put any pressure on me at all. They told me that everyone gains a different amount of weight during their pregnancies and that it's okay. But, let me be honest, I love sweets, and I know that some of my weight gain is definitely do to that--I am guilty! I do work out after having each of my children and I breastfeed, which I think helps a lot. So, now I'm just about 4 months out and I have about 5 lbs. to lose to get to my prepregnancy weight this time around (122 lbs., I think). I can fit in my 10s, but not in my 8s yet.

One of my good friends long ago told me that I needed to be prepared that I would likely never get back into my 6s after having Autumn, because women's bodies change with pregnancy--no matter how hard we may want to get them back exactly the way they were. She told me to expect to be in 8s and that that would be okay! I have reminded myself of her advice many times over the years and I've shared it with a lot of other women, too.

All of this may sound very personal, but I don't think of it as being that way. I know many of my friends and women I've talked to have struggled with their weight at different times in in their lives. Let me define what I mean by struggle--not feeling like they are the weight they want to be or not feeling good about the weight they are. I think that right now I am wondering if I will ever be okay with my weight. When I lose the 5 lbs., will I look the way I think I'm supposed to? Is that what really matters? Or should it really matter more that I feel fine the way I am right now? Am I making this an idol and giving it too much of my energy?

The other reason I ponder this often is what it means for my daughters and how I am raising them. I don't want them to worry about their weight. I want them to feel good about themselves and take care of themselves--but I don't want them to feel like they have to compare themselves to everyone else or be worried about the number on the scale. And I really want them to enjoy the food that God has given us to eat! Every day Autumn puts on clothes and comes in to me and says "Don't I look beautiful (or pretty or some variation)?" I smile and say, "Yes, you do sweetheart." She says it in such an innocent way, not vain at all. She just wants to be pretty =)

Don't we all? =)

I want to feel good just the way I am and not worry about being as thin as my friends. I want to know in my head and my heart that that's okay. But, most of all, I want God to be glorified in what I think about and what I say to others. I don't want to find myself saying, "I don't like myself the way God made me." because that's a horrible thing to say. God made me the way He wanted to make me and I don't want to be a rude and ungrateful child and tell God I think He made a mistake.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Potty Training

When I step back, it really does seem funny to me that potty training can seem so intimidating! I got so anxious about it with Autumn and I have found myself with the same feelings with Sami. I'm not sure why, but I think I have realized a few things (that I'm sure many others before me have realized) about it =)

In Potty Training, I have to discipline myself to be more aware of my daughter's activities and the time that passes. In potty training, I am requiring my daughter then to discipline herself and train herself to listen to her body. That may require her to wake or to stop doing something she really enjoys doing. I think that's tough for us even as adults! =)

I've stayed home a lot this week and that will probably continue for a while. Sami does not like to use the potty in the store, but I have one in my car. So, when we went to run errands today, that was the one she used! What a blessing! I suppose it is a big praise that 5 days after starting potty training we could go run errands for 2 1/2 hours without an accident =) Thanks, God!

And speaking of disciplining myself, I need to go wake her right now!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Parental Authority

My Bible study that I'm going through right now is the Parent's Handbook to Shepherding a Child's Heart. The chapter I've been reading through is on Parental Authority. It has been challenging to me to realize that in the name of giving my daughters choices so that they can learn to make decisions, I have been giving up my authority and allowing them to be the authorities. Wow! When I shared this with Chris, he quickly identified that the areas where we slide are bedtimes, food, and what they wear. But, I am resolved to be a better parent!

Sami is quite strong willed and Autumn copies her when she realizes what Sami is permitted to do--or, I'll be honest, what she gets away with. This morning I realized that it really is time to start potty training Sami. I don't know why, but I dread potty training. It seems like such a big deal!

This morning, I matter of factly and gently told Sami that she was going to wear panties today and that every time Mommy tells her to go try, she needs to go try. She bucked me a little once in a while, but 8 of 10 times she did it right away when I told her to. And we had no accidents today! She even told me that she needed to go (with the help of Autumn speaking up) while we were driving home.

So, we'll see how tomorrow goes...

I have more thoughts about this chapter, but I think they'll have to wait for another day when I'm more awake!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

through the eyes of children

So, we started reading a new devotional book with our kids. Last week, the boys in the story go to the zoo and one boy says to another, "isn't it funny to think that we came from apes?" Chris substituted monkeys for apes because our girls think they're all the same. Then the other little boy says, "No, we didn't. God made us!"

Well, the morning after we read this story, Autumn breaks out at breakfast with "We came from monkeys!" And I said in just as silly a voice, "No, we didn't. God made us!" The girls burst out laughing. We repeated the same refrain for about 10 minutes back and forth sometimes me saying the first thing and sometimes the second.

It really is absurd the idea that we came from monkeys--but it's even funnier seeing it through the eyes of small children! =) I'm so thankful that God made us!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I'm trying to get my plans in place for the school year and figure out how I'm going to do things. But, it's very ironic, I'm struggling to find time to figure out how I'm going to plan my time!

Basically, my plan is going to be to do all the extras with both girls in the morning (Art, Bible, Music, Science, Health, P.E., Calendar Work) then have some play time and lunch. Then, Sami is going to have some "quiet" time in her room, while I do reading, writing, and math with Autumn. Then, well have time together to play or run errands. Then, bath time and dinner. I think I will be able to work with Eli's nap times to do the homeschooling. I hope so, at least!

I'm a little worried about language arts, but I think because I feel insecure about that subject, I'm blowing it out of proportion. I feel fine about math. I just want to find some time to get my plans on paper for language arts and then I think I'll feel a lot better!

I signed the girls up for soccer for September and October and they are very excited. Then, in the spring, I plan on doing dance with Autumn and a sports mix class in the spring so that they can try several different things. I want to put Sami in a gymnastics class, but they're all pretty far from me and pretty expensive. It's a little discouraging. I think that dilemma will have to wait until next year.