Sunday, September 28, 2008

losing things

I have to admit I hate losing things! I have so many things to keep track of and I try so hard! But, still it happens. I can't find my science book for this week for the girls and I'm a bit frustrated. I saw it yesterday, but now I can't seem to find it. I'm going to pray that God will help me find it soon =) I realize that this is only the beginning. With three kids underfoot, I'm sure we will all be losing things often and I'd be much better off not taking it all so seriously and stressing about it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just a thought about Garage Saling

A good friend of mine emailed this to me in my struggles with my shortcomings and I wanted to share it because it was so well put and very encouraging to me...

"We need to look at our shortcomings, but remember that we can't stop there. We need to remember not just that our sin drove Christ to the cross, but that HIS LOVE for us drove Him there as well, and, most importantly, His love for His own glory. He died that HE may be glorified, right? So that HE could stay completely just and completely merciful, and we would have a way to come into His presence in order to lift HIM on high. SO - it GLORIFIES the Father to be merciful to you, not simply because He loves you, but because displays of His mercy help us understand a new dimension of His greatness. It GLORIFIES the Father to provide you with strength, and patience, and high-end childrens clothing for 25 cents. Because every good thing you do or is done to you during the day is God's, in that they are manifestations of some dimension of His character in our daily lives on earth. Every bad thing you do or is done to you during the day, that's Christ's, on the cross, because He loved you enough to take it. That's the ULTIMATE manifestation of God's glory on earth."

Dear friend thank you for your words. You are right. God has given you a great deal of wisdom =)

It made me smile especially about your comment about high-end children's clothing for 25 cents. It is one of the little ways that God always makes me smile as I see him provide for my children in ways that are more than I could imagine. And it is something that matters so much to me since the kids I went to school with made comments about my clothes. And yet my children wear Baby Gap dresses, even Laura Ashley, and Gymboree dresses that I've found for 25 cents. He has mercy and grace for me, my children, and my husband.

Thank you, God, for your gracious mercy and love!

The Biggest Loser

Okay, so I like that show. It encourages me to keep working out and it's fun to see people achieve their goals.

So, on Saturday, I found the Biggest Loser workout DVD at a garage sale for $.50. I thought I'd buy it and pass it on, because usually I can't do a lot of workouts that other people can because of my knees. I stick to the older Leslie Sansone videos. I can't even do her new ones because they involve too much twisting on my knees. Anyways, I did the first low impact cardio workout today--and I liked it! It was fun to do something different and I think it was really good for me to do a longer stretch and cool down stretch than I usually do. Tomorrow I'll find out how my knees did with it =) I'm looking forward to trying the other workouts on the DVD!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Leap Pad

Generally in our house, we stay away from electronic toys, but I was curious--like the cat. =) And like the cat, I've suffered the same fate =)

Leap Pads. Before I begin, are there any tricks that make them easier to use? Please let me know.

I've seen the leap pad toy around for a long time. We have the fridge magnets, which we love, and the letter factory/word factory videos (which are wonderful!), but the leap pad seems like a really poorly designed toy. The pages have to sit exactly so, so that the pad will pick up the right page to give the right words. That's a little tricky for a 2-4 year old and even for many 5 year olds! I am thankful. I have to be honest. I actually bought it at a garage sale, because I was curious about it. I paid $3 and it came with 4 books. The one I bought is in very good shape--I don't buy toys that aren't. I know that this toy is going to seriously frustrate my girls.

As a side note, I tried to go online and give feedback to LeapFrog and their website won't allow it. You can only join a discussion forum. Hmmm.. So they don't want direct feedback?

Monday, September 15, 2008

exercise again

back on track...I have to get back on track with exercising. Not because of the weight from pregnancy, but because it's the best thing for me. Post Partum Depression is a very real thing. My hormones really do unsettle me during the first year after my children have each been born. But, I know exercise can and hopefully really will help me =) so I'm making it a priority again! My goal is to get up with Chris, get him out the door, and then exercise. But, now I need to get to my chores!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a new chimney

I am tired, but God is so gracious. This week we found out on Monday that we needed a new chimney. It was put in today. Normally, I get stressed about all phone calls and follow up and the cost involved with home repairs that we can't do ourselves. But, this time, I have been pretty calm. I realized that the holes that rusted through had probably been there a while and although we needed to get it fixed asap, it wasn't going to be the end of the world if it took a week or two. It did make things a little harried at times trying to juggle phone calls and workmen visits with homeschooling and the rest of life, but it's done now!

But, there's another reason it seems minor this week. I have several friends who have major health issues going on in their lives and other big things to tackle--things that are much bigger than my little chimney. One of them is a friend of my Chris', Keith. Please pray for him. He took a 40 ft fall in California while hiking 10 days ago. He is in serious condition in a hospital in California. I get the chills when I think of his fall and how he is now. And then I pray.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

not being needed

Last night, we had a first. Our first date without Eli. He's 4 1/2 months old and my friend who babysits for us took care of him. We went to dinner by ourselves and then came back and fed him. Then we went out for coffee and came back. We were gone about 2 1/2 hours total. It was strange and good for us to be by ourselves. I didn't have to worry about him waking up or being fussy. Chris said he felt younger and that was good for him--not to feel so old.

The odd part was when we came home Eli didn't "need" me the way Sami used to. Sami was so clingy. We didn't go on a date for the first 12 months of her life because she was so attached and we didn't have anyone she would stay with (in addition to nursing every 2 1/2 hours until she was 12 months old--that made things a little more complicated). So, it feels very different this time. Part of me wants to be needed again that way and another part of me is very, very thankful that I can let him go.

lessons for the mommy

This week has been a good one. Challenging, but good. I've learned far more than I expected. But, I've had far more learning to do than Autumn has, I think. I have learned a lot about homeschooling and how I need to change things for next week and adjust to who she is and where she is at developmentally.

At the end of the week, these are my conclusions...
* I'm going to shorten our reading and math lessons.
* Everything needs to be in the morning and not the afternoon.
* Their alarm is going to be set for 7:30 am instead of 7:00 am and if Sami wakes first, I'm going to tell her not to wake up Autumn.
* They are going to go back to having quiet nap/reading time in their rooms after lunch. I need a break =) and I'm running out of steam.

I'm sure there are more, but that's all I can remember right now!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

listening or rather not listening to directions...

This week has been very eye opening. I am observing and noticing what I need to learn in order to be a better homeschooling mom and teacher and what my daughter needs to learn to be a good homeschooling student.

My weakness when I was a teacher in a first grade classroom was not understanding how small concepts had to be broken down--and I lost my patience very quickly. This week, in particular today, I am seeing how detailed my directions need to be. I am going to be working very consciously and deliberately on this.

On the other hand, I realized that my daughter does not listen! Wowsers! In a classroom, Autumn listens very well. She is a compliant child and very influenced by peer pressure and conformity. So, she listens along with everyone else and follows directions. But, at home, it's just Autumn and maybe Sami and Mommy. Very, very different!

I had forgotten that most of kindergarten in the public schools is not focused on teaching students academic and learning concepts, but rather teaching them how to be students! This is what Autumn needs to learn, too, and so do I! So, our learning shall begin (actually it already has!) !

Please forgive my grammar/punctuation errors in this posting--I am tired today! =)

Monday, September 1, 2008

enjoying the moment...

Life is not easy, nor did I really expect it to be. Today I find myself challenged to enjoy each moment that I can and continue walking and trusting in the others that are difficult.

I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine on Saturday about how much children model the example of their parents. She told me that I don't realize how much Autumn is a little "Suzanne". She does imitate many things I say and do. Autumn had a hard time coping with something last week and it made me think of myself and struggling with post partum depression. She wouldn't understand that, nor should she. So, I need to model for her how to cope in healthy ways with disappointment and struggles.

I am faced with the question, "What do I want my children to learn from me?" on an emotional level rather than an intellectual level. I am praying that the Lord will guide me and that my children will grow strong in their faith and that they will be able to acknowledge and cope with their disappointments, sadness, anger, and struggles.