Sunday, December 7, 2008

saving money =) and being wise

Well, I thought I would post little ways that I find to save money. So, here's the first one. I registered for my baby showers at Target because I wanted to stay on their mailing lists for coupons. Periodically, I get booklets or individual coupons from them. So, this week, I got two coupons. 1) $10 off $100 or more and 2) $5 off $75 or more. I read the backs and there weren't any exclusions. So, I purchased a $100 gift card for $90. Yay! I shop there all the time for groceries, toiletries, prescriptions, clothing/shoes for the kids, etc. So, it won't take me long before it's used. And I'm just going to write it into the budget as I buy the things I need. I know that the key is not to feel like I have free money and use it for things I want instead of need. But, I don't plan on doing that. Anyways, that was my little fun way to save some money this week =)