Tuesday, April 17, 2007

every girl cuts her hair

...or so I'm told! But, indeed it has now happened in our family, too. Last night, I was sitting on the floor with Autumn trimming her toenails, when I hear "Autumn cuts her hair". I looked up to see 3 inches of hair fall to the ground! Autumn had taken the toenail scissors from my little bag and cut a few locks of her hair. I said, "Oh, no!" And she burst into tears. So, I scooped her up and put her in a high chair in the kitchen and layered the hair in front of her face. Or at least I did my best. I don't think it looks too bad. When I retold the story to my mom this morning, she reminded me that Autumn had cut it before. But, unfortunately, I don't remember the first time. Although I think I'm recollecting it a little. I think it was when her hair was much shorter.
Ah, well, adventures in parenting little girls. We did go through 4 changes of clothes today and so the trend of clothes changing continues! Sami on the other hand has not mastered changing her own clothes yet--thank goodness. Otherwise, I would really have a lot of clothes to wash!

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Our Family Fun said...

I realise this is really old and you may not see it, but at LEAST she cut her own hair. Nathaniel cut Travis's hair. Travis does not belong to me- I babysit him on Monday afternoons. I was soooo embarrassed when his mom came to get him! Micaela on the other hand has never cut anyone's hair.