Our Homeschooling Curriculum

The Curriculum We Use
Tenth Grade
Math: CA Holt Geometry
Language Arts: EMC Mirrors and Windows, IV
         Glencoe Vocabulary, g.10
         Writer's Choice 9
         McGraw-Hill Sentence Diagramming
         Read Julius Caesar, The Time Machine, Pygmalion, Chinese
         Cinderella, Beauty by Robin McKinley, Homecoming by        
         Cynthia Voit, The Second Mrs.Giaconda, The Hiding Place,
         The NY Times
Science: Prentice Hall Physical Science
Social Studies
Economics: The Bluestocking Guide and Study Guide by Richard Maybury
         How Statistics Lie 
Personal Finance: 4H Financial Curriculum, 3 book set
French 2: Breaking the Barrier, 1
World Geography: Holt World Geography Today
Art: Drawing, Independent Study with an artist
Bible: The Most Important Book You'll Ever Study by Starr Meade

Eighth Grade/Ninth Grade
My oldest daughter skipped 8th grade. This is her 9th grade curriculum

Math: CA Holt Algebra I
Language Arts: EMC Mirrors and Windows, IV
         Read Huckleberry Finn, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The
         Gift of the Magi and Other Stories, The Witch of Blackbird
         Pond, Romeo and Juliet, The Odyssey,Jane Eyre, Little
         Women, Don Quixote (abridged version), Importance of Being
         Spelling Power or Megawords
         Writing: Writer's Choice 9
         McGraw-Hill Sentence Diagramming
Science: Holt Earth Science
Art:  Artistic Pursuits High School Book 1
Elective--Logic:  Fallacy Detective--1/2 credit
Health: to be completed over 2-3 years (1/2 credit)
         Yr 1: Holt Health, ch. 1-5, Babysitting Class
         Yr 2: Sex and the New You,Concordia Press
         Yr 3: Holt Health, ch. 6-15
French: EMC French 1
PE: Homeschool PE, Yoga  90 hours logged = 1/2 credit
Bible: The Most Important Book You'll Ever Study by Starr Meade (1/2 hour per day)

Seventh Grade
Math: Holt Pre-Algebra
Language Arts:  Mirrors and Windows, II
         Spelling Power or Megawords, 
         McGraw-Hill Sentence Diagramming,
         Writer's Choice 7, Mc-Graw Hill Research Report Writing 
Science: This has been different for each of my children.  One took a co-op class.  The second did 4H's Kitchen Chemistry and Physics curriculum.  
Social Studies: Holt World Regions Geography Curriculum
Art:  For my art oriented daughter, she took a private water color class.  For my next daughter, I had her work through Adventures in Lettering because that was her interest.  I don't know what my son will be interested in. 
Health:  Williamson Kids Can First Aid Book, make a first aid kit to donate
Music: See my post about music curriculum for my oldest child, instrument lessons for my other children
Bible: Family Worship, Morning Devotions
Activities:  Yoga, Soccer, Bicycling 

Sixth Grade 
Math:  California HSP Math 6 and Daily Math Review
Language Arts:
Reader:  Harcourt Trophies Reader
          Curriculum Guides for Hatchet, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh, Maniac           Magee
Read and Understand Poetry, G. 5-6
Vocabulary: 1/3 of Vocabulary Words in Context, 240 Words Every Kid Needs to Know (Grades 5 and 6)
Spelling: Spelling Power
Grammar:  Writer's Express, Great Source
          Daily Language Review
Writing: Writer's Express, Great Source
Science:  Christian Kids Explore Chemistry
Social Studies:  US History  Civil War- World War II
Health:  Harcourt Health and Fitness, Gr. 6
Art:  Art Classes, Teen Photography Curriculum, Wiliamson Kids Can Art Works
Bible:  Family Worship, Morning Devotions
Activities: Swim Lessons, Soccer

Fifth Grade:
Math:  California HSP Math and Daily Math Review
Logic:  Evan-Moor Thinking Skills G. 5-6, Logic Countdown
Language Arts:
Reader: Harcourt Trophies Reader
      Curriculum Guides for A Wrinkle in Time, The Railway Children, Carry On   
      Mr. Bowditch, The Cricket in Times Square, Pollyanna, The Light Princess
Read and Understand Poetry, G.4-5
I focus primarily on the reader and the Evan Moor Poetry--less on the book units.
Vocabulary: Practice Makes Perfect Prefixes and Suffixes, G. 4 and 5
Practice Makes Perfect Dictionary Skills Book
Spelling:  Spelling Power (Autumn), Megawords (Sami)
Grammar:  Writer's Express, Great Source
      Daily Language Review, First Language Lessons (Year 2)
Writing: Writer's Express, Great Source (Autumn); Writing Skills, Book A (Sami) + Writing With Ease, Year 2
Science:  HSP Math 5
Social Studies: US History, Explorers-Civil War/Reconstruction
I use Kid's Guide to American History + History Pockets
Art:  Art Classes and Photography Curriculum written by me
Health: Harcourt Health and Fitness Gr. 5
Bible:  Family Worship
Activities:  Swim lessons, soccer, piano/flute lessons     

Fourth Grade:
Math:  California HSP Math and Daily Math Review
Logic:  Evan-Moor Thinking Skills G. 3-4, Logic Countdown

Language Arts:
Reader: Harcourt Trophies Reader
      Curriculum Guides for The Magician's Nephew, A Door in the Wall, 
      The Secret Garden, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Read and Understand Poetry, G.4-5
Vocabulary:  Prefixes and Suffixes, G.3 Practice Makes Perfect
Phonics: Explode the Code
Spelling:  Spelling Power (oldest daughter)
       Megawords and 600 Most Common Words List (using custom Spelling Plan  
       from Third Grade
Grammar:  Write on Track, Great Source
      Daily Language Review
Writing: Write on Track, Great Source
Handwriting:  Handwriting Without Tears, Evan-Moor Cursive, Online Printable Cursive Worksheets
Science:  Considering God's Creation from Eagle's Wings
Social Studies: Geography (1 qtr), Learn States and Capitals (1 qtr), US Regions Study (1 qtr), Maryland State Report (1 qtr)
Art:  Art Class from See the Light and Photography Curriculum written by me
Health: Harcourt Health and Fitness, 4
Bible:  Family Worship
Activities:  Swim lessons, gymnastics, piano lessons       

Third Grade:
Math:  California HSP Math 3 and Daily Math Review
Language Arts:
Reader: Harcourt Trophies
      Curriculum Guides from Veritas Press for Homer Price and Charlotte's Web
      Comprehension Guide for Mr. Popper's Penguins
      Read and Understand Poetry, G.2-3
Phonics: Explode the Code
Spelling:  Spelling Power (oldest daughter)
Custom Plan see: http://lovetopaint.blogspot.com/2013/08/my-phonicsspelling-plan.html  and http://makingthingsstretch.blogspot.com/2013/02/free-spelling-curriculum.html (middle daughter)
Grammar:  Write Away, Great Source
      Daily Language Review
Writing: Write Away, Great Source
Handwriting:  Handwriting Without Tears, Cursive worksheets from online
Science:  Harcourt Science Grade 3
Social Studies: Harcourt People and Communities
Health: Harcourt Health and Fitness, 3
Art:  Co-Op Class
Bible:  Family Worship
Activities:  Swim lessons, Ballet, Piano lessons       

Second Grade:
Math:  HSP Math 2 and Daily Math Review (Evan Moor)
Language Arts:
Reader:  Harcourt Trophies
Phonics:  Phonics Pathways
              Explode the Code
Grammar:  First Language Lessons, Year 2
             Daily Language Review
Writing:  Write Away, Great Source
Handwriting:  Copywork and Printing worksheets from internet
Science:  Harcourt Science
Social Studies:  Harcourt About My Community
Health:  Harcourt Health and Fitness 2
Art:  Art Class videos by See the Light Shine or Art lessons from Kids' Art Works by Williamson Kids Can
Activities:  Gym/Tumbling Class, Swimming lessons (summer), soccer (fall)
Bible:  Mighty Acts of God and Matthew

Eli's sisters do more work since they are older.  As a result, he is doing more work than the girls did in 2nd grade.  I've added daily math facts for him, 240 Words every 1st grader should know (2 pg/day) and then 240 words every 2nd grader should know, a daily writing journal, First Language Lessons and Writing With Ease (both year 2).  

First Grade
Math: HSP Math 1 and Daily Math Review
Language Arts:
Reader:  Harcourt Trophies (there are 5 anthology books for first grade)
Phonics: Phonics Pathways 
             Explode the Code
Reading Comprehension:  
                 Beyond the Code, Harcourt Trophies Practice Workbooks
Writing: Write One (Great Source) first half, Writing With Ease (Peace Hill Press), Write about Me (EPS Books)--second half of the year
Grammar:  First Language Lessons 
                 Daily Language Review
Spelling:  Harcourt Trophies
Health:  Harcourt Health and Fitness
Art:  Adventures in Art 1 by Laura Chapman (Autumn)
Art Works (Williamson Kids Can Book) 
Social Studies:  Harcourt About My World
Science:  Harcourt Grade 1 Science
Handwriting:  Handwriting without Tears (oldest daughter)
Printable Online Handwriting Worksheets
Bible:  The Big Picture Bible Storybook
Church Youth Group

Math:  HSP Math K/Singapore Math K, begin HSP Math 1
Language Arts:
Reading:  How to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
     Bob books and Now I'm Reading Readers (once past lesson 50, read 2/day)
     After 100 EL, I start Phonics Pathways (2 pg/day)
     Explode the Code, Book 1 and 1 1/2 (Eli)
     Harcourt Read-Aloud Anthology 
Handwriting:  Handwriting Without Tears (Autumn and Sami), Free Printing Workbooks (Eli) from the internet
Writing:  The Writing Spot, Great Source (2003 edition)
Health:  Harcourt Health and Fitness K
Science:  K Investigating Science Workbooks (Eli)--these are older out of print workbooks
Bible:  The Bible Illustrated for Little Children by Ella Lindvall

For Kindergarten since my children are young, I focus on mainly reading and writing--if they can do these proficiently by the end of Kindergarten, first grade is so much easier for them!

PreK 4
Phonics:  Get Ready, Get Set, and Go for the Code
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
Math:  Developing Math Concepts Bk 1 by Kathy Richardson, HSP Math K
Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears PK
Bible: Read Aloud Bible Stories

PreK 3
Phonics: Hooked on Phonics PK and The Letter Factory DVD
Gross Motor and Fine Motor Skills:  Slow and Steady Get Me Ready
Read Alouds:  Recommendations from Honey for a Child's Heart by Gladys Hunt
Math: Counting Activities