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Recently, I had to get rid of a lot of my homeschooling books.  We just didn't have room for all of them when we moved.  I lost about 2/3 of my homeschooling space.  And I don't want to buy the books all over again when there was 1 or 2 pages that I loved out of them.  So, I've started to search online for resources that I don't have to pay for.  I realized that the best way to keep track of things for me is to make a list.  So, I'm going to compile a list of sites and free worksheets I find online here.  I've also posted what I've written on my sister site on Wordpress.  In printing any of those documents, please comply with the Terms of Use I've posted Here

Hubbard's Cupboard
Mama's Learning Corner
Make a coloring book with a capital and lowercase page for each letter HERE.
Making Learning Fun  Lots of PK/K activities and free printable worksheets.

Language Arts

Grammarland, is a very old story by M.L. Nesbit--online, printable copy here:  
Free Worksheets HERE
Grammar Parts of Speech List 
Different Language Arts forms, some of them look great.
Neat Parts of Speech Craft for Kids 

Great Writing Prompts (separate lists for grades K-8) I copy the text into Word so that I can delete the prompts I don't want to use.  Then, I print a list and my children keep it inside their writing journals.
A great guideline for K/1 writing journals. It comes from this webpage.
Busy Teacher's Cafe  I mention this site down below, but I love the printables here for writing.  There are monthly writing prompts and great worksheets.  I really like the writing rubric.  If you don't want to give your child grades, a rubric is a way to help them understand where their writing is and where you want them to grow.
Middle School Units  This site has some great lesson plans for middle school writing.  It may not be as applicable to a homeschooler (the first writing situation), but there are some good ideas in this document.
This I Believe  A one-two week personal narrative middle school unit
Adult Ed Process of Writing  With a few minor alterations (like not including the prompt: do you play the lottery?), there are some great lesson plans that could be used with 8th graders to review the writing process.  Also, it says at the beginning that this is a high school english course and could be used for students who need a very practical writing course to get the basics down.
Write a novel in a month!  There is an under 17 challenge.  There's a downloadable (free) workbook on the site that you can use.  What a fun (and free!) idea!
For grades K-2, you begin with writing words, then sentences, and then paragraphs.  Though this curriculum isn't free, it's very inexpensive... I like EPS Books' Write about Me and Write about My World for an introduction to writing that can be used in first or second grade.
I wrote this post a while back that digs into teaching writing.  There is also a link within the first post that explains how to teach writing if you want to write your own curriculum for your kids.
A school year worth of journal prompts that could be used with either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd graders.

TLS Books
Printing Numbers
List of great copywork and handwriting resources!  I am using the copywork verses on heart of wisdom (linked to on this page) for Sami's handwriting practice right now.
Printing printables at Shirleys Preschool.  Shirleys Preschool has many other great printables as well!

Cursive Handwriting
Kidzone Cursive Pages
My plan is to introduce the kidzone pages first, then have my children practice consonant blends and daigraphs.  I have a lot of paper at home, so I printed off a list of the consonant blends and digraphs.  Here's a list with them and some word lists.  The word lists can be used for practice as well.  My plan is to write 5-10 a day on a piece of lined paper and have my children copy them three times.  I'm realizing how much ink and white paper I use, so this is a good use of my resources and it will only take a few seconds for me to copy down the words.

My Post with my free Spelling Plan.  

I like the teacher created resources books because they're very inexpensive and reproducible.  They're not free, but they are cheap on Amazon at $5/book.  My kids work through these first and then I have them complete the book on dictionary skills.  For one of the pages in this book, a list of suffixes and their meanings is needed.  I found this free list online that is very (!) complete.

Shel Silverstein  There are two fun printable books on this website to be illustrated and other fun poetry month units using Shel Silverstein's poems.  One of the books is in the kids section 

Generic Literature Guide Questions: 
Busy Teacher Cafe I really like the worksheets on this site.  I'm using several of them for my generic book studies. 
My post that links to my Literature Guide for grades 4-6. 

Literature Units
Novel Links  Lots of great units for grades 4-8
Glencoe has posted several unit studies also for grades 4-9 (I would use some of the books are appropriate for 9th grade)
My Post with my literature plan for grades 3-8 for our family.  I've included links for free units for each of the books within the post.
Gale Schools  Another site with units for 4th-6th grades
Similar units
Several 4th grade units that could be used for 4th, 5th, or 6th grade.  I am going to use the Mrs. Frisby unit for 6th grade.
Magic Treehouse Series Teacher Resources.  If your children love this series, there's tons of resources on this site!
There are both elementary and high school comprehension guides here for some of CS Lewis' books. FREE.

Dolch Sight Word Games and other helps

Reading Lists  I found this list which can be used to help you figure out the approximate grade level of the books your child is gravitating to.  Often kids choose to read above or below their actual reading level, though.

Reading Assessments
I found this set of reading assessments for grades PK-2.  It can help what specific skills your child is weak in.  I do want to mention that rhyming isn't essential to reading.  My oldest daughter couldn't rhyme until after she was a fluent reader.

Math  Great Number worksheets for PK-1 (and Tons of great elementary level math worksheets and charts!  Yay! the ability to have printed or blank number lines and print any type of graph paper I need!  This is a great site and you don't have to download the documents it creates.  Just click a few buttons and make what you need!
Math Fact Games:  has great blank worksheets.  I searched all over for decimal squares and finally (!!) found them here.
My daughters finished xtramath, but I found my son was having a hard time and would just wait for the numbers to come up.  So, I'm switching him to minute math exercises found here:  It's very easy to set what number you want to go up to.  I give my first grade son 2 minutes (practice stage) and my 4th grade daughter 1 minute (review stage).
Helpful pages with printable reference sheets for grades 4-10.

Social Studies
4th Grade Social Studies Curriculum  This links to a post I wrote that outlines all the resources needed for 4th grade social studies--covering geography, states and capitals, US regions, and a state report.

This one is sort of free.  I use Harcourt Health and Fitness for our health curriculum (K-6).  The textbooks (for grades 1-6) are pretty cheap used on Amazon.  I use the textbook and the activity book.  The activity books can be found here online for free


My post about a music curriculum idea.

Art A great craft and drawing site for kids.
My daughters love to draw and doodle pages give them a headstart.  Here are several great sites:

Photography Unit I Wrote 1st-6th graders.
Lego Unit I found online.  Appropriate for 1st-3rd graders, maybe 4th graders too.

Blogs and sites with Printables that I like:   (I enter my subject and then select free under my search criteria.  What I don't like about this site is that I have to download the documents.  I much prefer to simply print off a document and organize it by subject.)  I love this site!  It has great reading and writing worksheets.  I'm using a lot of them in my generic literature unit to teach my daughters about the elements of a story.  I love the worksheets on this site as well.  It has a lot of printables for K-5 for all subjects.  I just found this site.  There are some great music and math worksheets.  I found a timeline worksheet that I liked better than the one on Scholastic.

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