Wednesday, June 1, 2011

World Maps

Yesterday I posted a review of YWAM's Maps of the United States.  Because I liked that book so much, I ordered their book Maps of the World on my own.  I looked at various websites and didn't find any previews of this book.  So, I ordered it sight unseen.

I did really like YWAM's book Maps of the United States, so I expected to really like this book. But, I really don't. There isn't a very helpful assortment of world maps. The worksheets are redundant. I think that half of the book is the same worksheet with a different country title at the top. This is similar to the United States book, but the maps were much more useful, so I didn't mind the repetitiveness of that feature. The reason these maps aren't very useful is that there are only area maps. For example, there is one map of Central America. But, there are no maps of the individual countries and the map of the area is small so it would be difficult for students to add many labels or features to the map. If you're looking for a collection of world maps, I wouldn't recommend this book if you're looking for a book of world maps.

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