Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Writing Progress

Last year, one of Autumn's friends wrote a poem at school that was quite creative and cute.  When I read it, I questioned whether Autumn could write something like that.  This wasn't the pride kind of questioning.  It was the 'is she even able'--'does she know how to write at all'--kind of question.  I've written on this blog that I decided to switch writing curriculums this year.  For Kindergarten, I had used The Writing Spot with the girls.  But, the first grade teacher's guide I had wasn't specific enough in its plans so it seemed overwhelming.  That was why I'd switched two years ago.  After two years of Writing With Ease I had questions like the ones I mentioned earlier.  Is Autumn learning to write?  

She is a creative little girl and my feeling began to grow that she needed a creative curriculum.  So, I went back to the curriculum I'd started with in Kindergarten from Great Source.  I'm starting Autumn with the second grade level, though, because she hasn't been taught formally how to write.  Writing With Ease taught her how to summarize (which she still wasn't very good at after 2 years) and copy good grammar and punctuation.  So, we started school last week and she was so excited to jump into her new writing curriculum, Write Away.  The first three days were getting to know her book.  Yesterday she had her first practice journal writing and I wanted to share it.  Her dad and I were pretty surprised by it.  It reinforced to me that I made the right choice in switching.

*Please note that all spelling, grammar, and punctuation have been typed exactly as she wrote them.

My Practice Journal by Autumn

One day I was doing my spelling, When I felt my chair move.  I thought, "I did not move my chair.  Who did?"  I looked underneath my chair and I saw Eli, my silly brother.  I laughed.  I said "Eli, What are you doing?"  Eli said "I want to be a Gost for Haloween."  I said "Eli, I know you want to be a  gost for Haloween.  Now, get out from under there." (Now jsut to be sure, I was not being mean.  I had to do my spelling you know.)  So Eli, my silly brother, my Three-year-old brother got out.  He had draped a blanket over himself.  But instead of taking it off and going to play he said "O-o-o-o-o." (He was being a ghost.)  At lunch I said Eli "Eli since I know how to sew (for the first time,) I'll make a costume for you.  it will be a ghost one."  the end

Sami is enjoying her writing now too.  My plan is to do copywork (one sentence) and dictation (again 1 sentence) once a week with her like Writing With Ease recommends to supplement her writing curriculum, Write One.  

She dictated this story to me yesterday:

Sami's Story

Pam and Dan Race

Pam and Dan race.  Then they have a picnic.  They have a great time!  They get back to the race.  Go Pam.  Go Dan.  Pam wins.  The End

I'm excited to see my girls develop this year in writing!  

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Kim said...

Love it! Seriously, Autumn's journal entry was good. She uses quotation marks very well, and I could hear her voice (and her laugh) in what she wrote. It sounded very much like what/how Abby writes in her journal. The spelling is also very familiar. I think this year is the year they start focusing on spelling.

I hope that this year is a great school year for all of you.