Sunday, November 6, 2011

Doing My Job

This was one of those weeks when I went from peaks to valleys.  On Sunday, we had our offer accepted on a house .   It was a huge blessing and we were so excited.  That excitement stayed for a day or two.  And then reality set in--I had to tackle the mortgage application.  I had questions and I couldn't seem to get the answers I needed from the lender we're using.  I left messages and struggled.  Thursday afternoon, I found myself throwing up my hands.  My husband had had a very hard week at work and I realized that he didn't know what to do either.  I realized in that moment that I had to do my job.

Most of the time my job is to homeschool my children and take care of them.  But, my job also consists of keeping on top of our budget, health care, and other paperwork tasks.  This week that included this mortgage application.

It's ironic to me that when I was a teenager, life seemed so intense.  Then, came college.  Life seemed intense in a different way.  It wasn't long before I was living on my own in Denver in an apartment with a full time job.  It seems that kids want to be adults and have the freedom they think adults have.  Adults want to be kids again--and not have to make decisions every moment of the day.  I think I fall into that camp at times.  There times when I want to throw up my hands, sit down with a cup of tea, and eat a piece of chocolate.

But, that's not the way life works.  That's what I realized on Thursday.

It was time for me to do my job.  Impatience and giving up wasn't going to help.  Everything still needed to be done.

So, I went into the homeschool room Thursday night and sat down on the phone for an hour with the mortgage company.  A few of my questions got answered, but I was left with a few more.  The appraiser accidentally called our home instead of the seller and we gave them the number of the seller.

Friday morning brought a full day of work me.  I started by mowing the backyard and weed eating it--the last time, hopefully, before winter.  Then, I got on the phone and spoke with the appraiser to make a correction.  Then, I got a phone call from a woman I'd called 3 days before.  She was able to clear up my questions--as I kept her on the phone for 45 minutes.  That afternoon I went to fax papers I needed to get off to the mortgage company.  The first time 42 of 82 pages went through.  But, I wasn't sure which ones.  So, I came home and tried on my home fax machine. I'd just finished a 29 page fax when... I got an error message.  An error message?!  Ay ay ay!  No more faxing for me.  Calmly, I set about making sure I had copies of everything and prepared to Fed Ex it.  I finished my collating and took the package to the drop off point in time for the last pick up of the week.

I was surprised that I didn't get upset.  But, I just knew it was my job.  I had to do it and getting upset wasn't going to help.  I'm thankful that the Lord reminded me of this on Thursday and prepared me for what was ahead.  

Some days, it's just not easy being an adult...

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Kim said...

Yep, being a grownup just stinks sometimes! lol I pray that the process goes smoothly and you are enjoying your new home soon.