Thursday, January 31, 2013

Left Handed Printing Tips and Guide

Yesterday as I was looking at Eli, I realized that I need to remember how it's best for him to hold his paper.  I'm right handed and I just can't keep it straight in my head.  I found two great free helps.

The first is here:

This is the main page and it has a lot of other great resources for preschool as well:

The second is
On this page, there is a 1 page chart you can print to help you remember how a left hander should position their paper.

As for scissors...
Amazon increased the price on the Westcott lefty scissors by $3 (making them $8 instead of $5)!  The lefty scissors can be bought directly through Westcott's website for $3 each, but you'll pay $5 shipping, so you'd want to buy more than one pair to make it worth it.  I think I'm going to do this in February since scissors always get misplaced around our house and right now I only have 1 pair for Eli.  

My husband has been ribbing me for being so concerned about knowing how to teach Eli because he's left handed and wanting the right scissors.  I didn't know I seemed so over the top.  It is interesting though because after I emailed my first left handed post to the homeschool email network I'm a part of here, I received several responses from left-handed moms who have never been able to cut well with scissors.  I'm sure this is because they didn't have true left handed scissors and compensated, like Eli, by cutting with their right hands or with the wrong scissors.  It really is more difficult to use the wrong scissors.  I've tried using Eli's!  

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