Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Pierced ears... Going to church with a friend in someone else's car (non-family member)... going shopping for clothes... talking on the phone...

Ah... Growing up.  My oldest daughter is growing up.  On Sunday, she had her ears pierced.  I was the same age she is when I had mine pierced.  We went shopping last week for the first time for clothes.  I explained to her that many moms and daughters do this a lot.  She looked at me incredulously, "Really?" she asked. And then added, "I don't think I'd want to do that."  She surprises me.

Then, last night came the phone.  A friend of hers had asked her to call at a certain time, so she did.  Her friend asked if she could talk for half an hour.  My daughter replied that she didn't think so.  That would be too long.  But, then she proceeded to talk.  I overheard bits and pieces as the two of them figured out what to talk about.  My daughter asked about her friend's lizard and gerbil.  "What do they like to do?"  "Does the lizard like to climb trees?"  and so on.  I couldn't hear the other side, but I realized that my daughter was figuring out this talking thing for herself.

It's funny.  She now goes around sharing with everyone about her ears.  But, last night, she pretended along with her little brother that she was a bat.  I love her.  I am thankful for her and I am thankful that I get to enjoy her every day.  Happy Birthday dear girl!


Kim said...

Sometimes, I think growing up is harder on us moms than on them. Sometimes.
Happy Birthday, Autumn.

Anne said...

I agree!!