Friday, April 18, 2014

Odd Man Out

Two years ago, I deleted my facebook account.  Wow.  It's surprising to me that it's been two years already.  Mostly, I don't miss it. Facebook is like internet's version of high school for adults.  It can make you feel like you're "in" or that you're "out".  Oh, the travails of high school life!

Two months ago, I went from an old Nokia prepaid phone--an ancient phone like the ones most people had fifteen years ago.  Except that I had it up until just two months ago.  I texted for the first time last June when we went with a group of junior high kids from church to camp.  For the first time, I actually found it handy to text and found a reason to.

But, recently, I learned that texting can be just like Facebook.  It's an a-emotional form of communication.  You can't get someone's attention by speaking up.  People can choose to ignore you.   You can't always convey the feeling with the words you're saying (even with emoticons).  Texting can feel like high school too. You can be a part of a group conversation.  Everyone can be talking with each other, but not acknowledging you're there, or not there, or what you've said.  Whoa....  high school all over again.

My husband talked with me about the next morning.  He shared some wise advice with me that he really wanted me to hear.

There are times when we need to walk into situations where we're likely going to get rejected.  We're called to love people with Christ's love.

But, there are times when we know certain environments are simply not wise to walk into.  We've been there before.  Experience has taught us.  These are negotiable.  It isn't wrong to stay or to walk away.  

My experience with group texting felt like high school, because I let it.  I cared whether or not I was included.  Instead, I just needed to realize that it wasn't where I belonged.  There are other places and other groups where I do belong.  This is the advice I've given my little 10 year old daughter.  It isn't because people may dislike us, they just prefer others.  It's okay.  

Last Sunday, our pastor was preaching and I was reminded of something the Lord has laid on my heart many times before.  I love when I realize that God is working in my life.  But, I really love watching how He's working in other people's lives.  One of those ways is through the friendships and relationships that he blesses others with.

In the case of the group texting, I have a choice.  I can focus on not being included.  Or I can be thankful for the relationships he has given the other people in the group and then walk on.  I think it would be wise for me to choose the second path... And to forego future group texting...  I've gathered from several friends that group texting can often be problematic and they all stay away from it.

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