Monday, July 21, 2014

Christian Romance Series

A while ago, I read the first book in Jen Turano's Christian fiction series that began with A Change of Fortune.  I enjoyed it.  It just fun to be lost in a book for a little while.  I don't usually follow a series, but I did end up reading each of the books in this series.  It was just light Christian romance fiction.  Last week, I finished reading the last one, A Match of Wits.  

This story centers on Agatha Watson and Zayne Beckett.  Many books within a series are written as stand alone novels.  Others need to be read within the series in order for the reader to understand and know the characters.  That is the case with this book.  Read the books before it first.  Each one adds details that you'll need to know in order to understand the interactions and dynamics of the relationships between the characters.  Agatha is a spitfire and Zayne is the recovering scorned former beau of another.  Agatha gets herself in messes that come as a result of good intentions.  From the outset, you know that people are after her and are threatening her life, so she is on the run in the west.  Zayne runs into her and she foils his plans to run away from home any longer.  

Family and friends enter the picture who are all described well in the course of the other books.  This book is light on the description.  If you only read this book, you'd likely see Zayne as a wimp and the relationship between Agatha and Zayne as completely unfathomable.  But, if you read the other books, you'll get a very different picture of Zayne.  That was my one frustration with this book.  Zayne was almost a different person than he was in the other books.  Of course, his heart had been broken between this book and the last one so that has wrought some change in him.  But, it seemed weird to me how he is in this book.

Would I recommend this book?  Maybe.  But, it wasn't one of my favorites.  I'd recommend the others in the series first.  

Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from Bethany House publishing.  

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