Saturday, August 9, 2014

Scientific Method Worksheets

I was very excited to find these tonight!

I am compiling my 6th grade daughter's chemistry curriculum.  I couldn't bring myself to spend $140 on Noeo's Chemistry 2 curriculum, so I'm compiling my own.  (The books I bought cost $39 altogether.)  It's a little bit of work to plan it out, but I'm enjoying the research as I discover what makes up the study of chemistry.

Last year, I tried to use Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space with my children, but they disliked it.  I found myself filling in the blanks and the big jumps the authors made between topics.  I have struggled with science for several years.

As a Christian, I feel that I need to help my kids develop a Christian worldview of creation and science.  But, the curriculum I've loved most is HSP Science from Harcourt.  My eldest daughter did Singapore's kindergarten science, then HSP science for 1st-3rd, Considering God's Creation for 4th and then HSP science for 5th.  My second daughter did HSP science for 1st and 3rd.  She is going to use HSP science for 4th and 5th grades.  At this point, my plan is for my son is going to do HSP science for 1st -5th grades.  I've looked at many other curriculums, but I like it.  In Middle School, I want to bring in a Christian perspective in a much more deliberate way on science and I have been pondering what that is going to look like this next year with my oldest daughter.

I am concerned that I have tried to cover too much content and have sacrificed the enjoyment of studying science.  So, I am hoping to do more of that will all of my children this year.  I'm adjusting my expectations of how much to cover so that we will have the wiggle room and space that we need to do experiments.  I haven't liked the lab sheets from the workbook, so instead I am excited to have found some great worksheets here:
There's one worksheet that has all the steps of the scientific method on it and there's another set of sheets with one sheet for each step.  I'm going to laminate the main sheet with all the steps together and post it on the wall.

These are the books that I'm pulling from for Autumn's science:
1.  Christian Kids Explore Chemistry:
This will give the big umbrella that I'll branch off from.
2.  Super Science Concoctions (a Williamson Kids Can Book)
Experiments with stuff already in my house that Sami and Eli can observe and join in with.
3.  Fizz, Bubble, & Flash! Element Explorations & Atom Adventures (a Williamson Kids Can Book)
I will focus on the elements for one quarter.
4.  Chemistry for Every Kid by Janice Van Cleave
5.  Teaching the Fun of Science by Janice Van Cleave

I like Janice Van Cleave's books and the Williamson Kids Can books because they use materials that are around the house already.  This makes the experiments in these books much more affordable.  Last year, I read from the CKE book I used.  This year I am going to have Autumn read from it and record her answers to the questions in a notebook.  We will highlight the main points in the passage together and then I will teach her to write down the key vocabulary in her notebook from the text.  The problem with CKE is that it is a teacher text, but I think it will work well as a student text for 6th grade instead.  I just ordered the CKE book tonight and will get it in a week or so.  When it arrives, I'm going to sit down and evaluate how much we can really tackle from the book and how many experiments I can pull in from book #2, #4, and #5.  By no means do I plan to do all of the experiments in all of the books! ;)

So, that's my plan.  It's a work in progress right now...

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