Friday, October 10, 2014

What we say

This week I had the chance to see a gift that someone has.  That is the gift of not being bothered by others' opinions of them.  I've seen people before not care about others opinions.  I can't say that I've understood.  I'm sure different people have different reasons.

I think some people tell themselves they don't care, but really do.  Some people stop caring and become numb to others' feelings.  Some people retreat away from people so they can't hurt them anymore.  But, then other people naturally have a peace that helps them not to worry or care about others opinions of them.

I saw one of these people in action this week.  After the summer I've had and what I've walked through, I recognize the gift this person has.  Of course it has its consequences, but one of the positive consequences is that this person is more easily able to show grace to people in her life that say things that are off the mark.  One of the other consequences is that she isn't always aware of how what she does affects other people.

I think that is the way it is with any gift that the Lord gives us.  There are strengths and weaknesses of what He gives us.  He knows what we need.

I can see what He's given this person in my life.  I think I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum.  I care too much.  I love too much and hurt too much.  They're two sides of the same coin.  But, seeing how God has made this friend makes me smile.  And it makes me think.

Is it okay to not care what other people think of me?  Yes.  I can see that this friend cares about the Lord and about glorifying Him in her life.  But she's free to just love people and see past the things they say.

We are all called to different things.  I was reminded on Friday that I am called to care and connect.  I talked with a young mom and her two little ones. I encouraged her and she shared with me that it had meant a lot to her husband when I genuinely asked after her a few months ago and how they were doing.

I've seen a lot of older women become wounded birds.  I want to learn to care, but be able to look past the things people say that are off the mark.

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