Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas books and movies

I look forward to November and December when it is fashionable to read Christmas stories and watch Christmas movies.  I have to be honest and admit, though, that I read and watch them throughout the year.  The characters in such stories are portrayed with more hope and there is a coming together, a reunion, of family and friends that isn't present at other times in the year as often (in books and movies).

Melody Carlson publishes a Christmas novel every year and almost every year for the past five years I've had a chance to review them.  This year's novel is The Christmas Cat.  The story is about
Garrison who inherits his grandmother's house--and her cats--after she passes away.  His grandmother was his only family and he feels lost without her.  He's struggling to recover from Malaria that he caught while working in Africa and is trying to get a job.  So, his trip home to take care of his grandmother's estate occupies his heart and mind.  The story follows his trials as he finds particular homes for each of the six cats left behind.  The end is like that of other Christmas stories.  It will make you smile and feel like you drank a cup of hot tea with a cinnamon stick in it.

The writing makes this story flow quickly and easy.  I didn't notice any major bumps in my reading.  I enjoyed it and quickly followed Garrison as he found his way in the story.

If you enjoy made for tv Christmas movies (which I have to admit that I do), you'll probably enjoy this story as well.

Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from Revell Books.

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