Monday, April 6, 2015

A Full House

Yesterday was Easter.  The day that we mark and take a special time to remember that Christ was raised from the dead.  He died for our sins and conquered death.  He had the company of this disciples and followers, yet endured betrayal and rejection.  I was reminded recently of the parable of the wedding banquet.  The invitations were sent out, yet one by one, they were rejected.

Thank you, but I have to take care of the farm... Thank you, but I have to do this...

The invitations were rejected, returned.  The banquet giver then issued the invitations to others--who accepted gladly.  But, one wouldn't wear the wedding clothing and didn't appreciate the invitation and the banquet giver, well, he threw him out.

I am so thankful for the Lord's invitation to my heart, his working in my life, and his love.  I'm so glad that I didn't say, "I have something else to do, God.  No thanks."

What I have watched God do over and over is to bless me with the desires of my heart.  He taught me long ago that it wouldn't probably look the way I wished, but that I needed to look, see, and be thankful.

Yesterday, my house was full...  I love to host people on holidays--they really matter to me.  And my house was full.  Laughter, conversation, and smiles filled the rooms.  Children running outside on a sunny day--not cooped up inside.  Sitting at the children's table entertaining each other, enjoying their food.  Adults able to have conversation and sit.   The adults helped clean up afterwards and made my job as hostess easy.  We all worked together.  Within an hour of everyone leaving for home in the evening, my kitchen and dining room were clean and returned to normal.  Extra chairs sit again in the basement ready for the next time.  All were glad to be there and we were thankful to have them.  They all wanted to be there...

And my eyes fill with tears with thankfulness.

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