Friday, August 7, 2015

Music History Notebooking Plans

A few days ago, I posted two links to some music history composer pages.  I spent part of this week putting together my plans for studying music history/appreciation for the next... however long.  We usually study this together as a family once a week for 30-45 minutes.  I realized after I put all of this together that this is my way of notebooking.  I know many moms collect resources through the year as they move from one topic to another, but I am not able to stay on top of that amidst my school year, so I have to have everything assembled before the year begins.  That's one reason I like textbooks--everything's all together!

I read another post by a homeschooling mom that wrote a notebooking curriculum and labeled it as a high school curriculum.  The difference was that she required students to write a report on 2-3 composers from each music period.  I think the way I've set up my notebook, it can easily be adjusted to any grade (3-12).  For elementary, listening and learning how to take 2 column notes would be enough.  I am going to require my 4th/5th grader to pick one composer from each period when we finish and write a paragraph about that composer.  For my middle schooler, I am going to ask her to write a more detailed biography report for one composer.  I'm going to use this worksheet from Better Lesson: for her outline and then follow the writing process.  (If the link doesn't work, go to better lesson and create an account (free) then search for biography report outline worksheet.)  For high school, I would require a longer report for 2-3 composers plus add the music appreciation log sheet from practical pages  (scroll down).  This is what the other notebooking post I read recommended doing for high schoolers.   The amount of work from the high schooler and the time spent should be logged in an hourly sheet.  On youtube, ClassicFM had some great clips on specific pieces and specific composers that aren't listed below.

In any case, my notebook looks like this:

Music History Resources

Notebooking pages:  I assembled these pages in order:
Written History of Classical Music:
Composer Pages:

When we start with a new period, we are going to watch these videos on youtube and then study the composers for each period.  We will listen to the shows on classics for kids for composers that are there and for others we will listen to samples of their music on  I'm going to use this opportunity to teach my kids about how to take notes.  We'll mainly take two-column notes (at different levels since my kids are going into 7th, 4th/5th, and 2nd.     Autumn is going to be completing a study skills curriculum that I put together this year this will an opportunity to practice the different note taking approaches from that curriculum.  

Early Music History

Baroque Period
1. Simple:
  1. Complicated Talk:

Classical Period
  1. Simple:
  2. More Complicated:

Romantic Period
  1. Simple:
  2. More Complicated:

Modern Period
  1. Simple:
  2. More Complicated: Impressionist:


For all Composers:
Listen on Classics for Kids to shows for composers with a * in the corner.  I went through and drew a * on the composers that had shows on classics for kids so I would know which ones were there.  
For all other composers, listen to:

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