Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Unrealistic Realistic Fiction

When I sat down a moment ago to write a review of the book I just read, the phrase "unrealistic realistic fiction" came to mind.  My husband perused the book I'm about review and declared that is wholly unrealistic.

It is.  It is a Christian Romantic Suspense novel.  Lynette Eason just published the second book in her Elite Guardians series, Without Warning.  But, I don't think readers really expect all realistic fiction to be realistic.  It is set in the present with people they can picture in a world they live in every day.

Without Warning is about a personal bodyguard, Katie, who gets involved in a case of arson and life.  Katie cares about one of her self defense class students, Riley.  The man who's life is in danger happens to be Riley's uncle, Daniel. Katie quickly gets involved protecting Daniel Matthews and Riley.  The book begins with the arson of one of his six restaurants and escalates in danger from there.  Katie's fellow bodyguards work together with the police to try and solve the mystery.

The first book in the series was fun to read and quick moving--light on the romance, but engaging.  This book is just the same.  I understand my husband's response, but he also doesn't like any of the crime shows on tv.  For the person who likes crime/suspense novels, but is looking for something less gory and bloody--this book is an option.  Lynette Eason has written several series like this one.

If you start reading this book, knowing that it's fiction, you'll be fine.  Just don't expect it to be realistic.

Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from the publisher Revell books.

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