Friday, January 27, 2017

Alaskan Historical Christian Fiction

My mom told me recently that she loved Tracie Peterson's series set in Alaska.  It told her about an area of the United States that she didn't know much about.  She enjoyed the characters and plot.  My mom reads many Christian fiction books, so for one series to stand out to her--it had to be very enjoyable!

Tracie Peterson is now publishing another Alaskan Fiction series with a co-writer, Kimberley Woodhouse.  The Heart of Alaska begins with Book One:  In the Shadow of Denali.  The story
begins with team of men on a harrowing climb up Denali.  That's the prologue.  Skip ahead.  The team's guide and his daughter are working at a resort near Denali and the son of one of the men on the team comes to work there.  The story follows the son, Allan, as he tries to understand the mountain, the truth about his father's business, and the true character of the guide, John.

Ms. Peterson always writes easy to read novels that flow well.  There are the usual twists and turns, romantic involvements, characters who have faith in God, and those who struggle with their faith.  The novel doesn't jump around, which after reading so many books, I've grown to appreciate.  This book isn't too heavy, but there's a few suspenseful scenes.

If you enjoyed Ms. Peterson's other series set in Alaska.  I'm sure you'll love this one.  Because this is book one, it is stand alone novel that can be read alone and it doesn't leave you hanging like the first books do in some series.  I'm sure my mom is going to love this one!

Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethan House publishing, but my opinions are my own!

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