Wednesday, December 6, 2006

walking the duck

We have one of those ducks that has a stick for a handle and two little circles with flaps for wheels. Chris and I were laughing tonight when we realized it's only two weeks until my mom comes for Christmas. Sami is already ready for the presents--she tried to open the presents I'm going to mail. She's only 1! But, the duck. Last Christmas, my mom was such an awesome playmate for Autumn. She and Autumn went for walks--miles and miles--up and down our short hallway. My mom would be hunched over pushing the duck and Autumn would be pushing her stroller. They'd get to the end and they'd turn right back around. When my mom and the duck got tired, they took a break. But, Autumn was always adamant within a few minutes that the duck wasn't tired anymore. So, they went for long, long walks together...inside =0) I hope the duck is ready to go for some more walks! Or rather, I hope my mom is! She's such an awesome grandma!

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Kim said...

I can just see Dee walking the duck! And of course her laugh :). Okay blogging is not as easy as it sounds. It took me five minutes, not one to get setup! Maybe this Christmas you should pick up a pony for your Mom so she could atleast ride down the hall instead of crawl. OR... even better, Autumn can push your Mom in the stroller. That would be a great Kodak moment for your Kodak view my pics gallery. Cheers!