Saturday, December 9, 2006

hanging over your head

Have you ever noticed how painting (or anything else, especially house projects) can become all consuming very quickly? It feels like it all has to be done now! It's harder to go slow than to go fast! I'm painting our downstairs and it is slowwwwly coming together. The rest of the house I painted as fast as I could--every waking free moment. This time I'm trying to do it different--so that I don't drive my husband crazy! So far he says I'm succeeding. Yahoo!

But the real question is in all of this, how do we keep ourselves from getting overwhelmed when we put too much on our plates. Any suggestions?

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Colleen said...

I find myself frustrated and not enjoying life...or even just breakfast with a friend, cause I make too many demands about getting things done. It ruins my I'm attempting to stop. Breathe. and focus on the moment, cause I'll never get it back, but all those things I think I need to do...will get done eventually or maybe I shouldn't be doing them...hmmm : )