Tuesday, February 6, 2007

funny words

I always heard that kids say funny things, but I think it's even funnier when your own kids say them. Autumn recently got sleeping mask. It was attached to some pajamas I bought.
So, when we were in the library, the library lady asked if her if she was wearing a sleeping mask on her head. But, Autumn said that she had a "pad" on her head. That's what she calls it. Ah, what kids say. Chris and I had a good laugh about that one when I told him. But, the next one's good, too. We were driving home from church and Autumn had scraped her knee in the parking lot. When we were in the car she kept asking not for a bandaid, but for a "banjo". When we got home, Chris asked where she got that from. I replied that it was from the song--"Oh Susannah, o don't you cry for me, cuz I come from Alabama with a 'banjo' on my knee!" What a good memory!

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Colleen said...

oh my goodness!! So cute!!!!