Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Grandpa's chair

It's been a long time since I've blogged. Christmas came and went. My mom visited and loved playing with the girls. And then just after she left, we found out that my father-in-law had died. We traveled to New York and began to grieve. I don't think the girls understood that Grandpa had gone to heaven.

Today Sami was on the rocking horse and Autumn tried to get on it. I explained to her that she needed to wait her turn. So, she went over and climbed onto a wooden chair that was behind it. When she sat down, I told her she was in Grandpa's chair. When we sit in that chair, it's good to think of Grandpa and that he loved her. It's hard to know exactly how to help my kids know their grandpa now that he's gone. Autumn may not remember him. She was just beginning to really remember people she hadn't seen in a long time. Food for thought... if anyone has any suggestions of how they have helped their children remember people they cared about that have died of if you remember something your parents did, would you let me know?

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Colleen said...

my boys are older I know but it seems to work well to tell a lot of stories. Pictures too. I think telling "remember when" or "one time when you were little..." are great. Stories seem to bind people together.