Tuesday, April 17, 2007

every girl cuts her hair

...or so I'm told! But, indeed it has now happened in our family, too. Last night, I was sitting on the floor with Autumn trimming her toenails, when I hear "Autumn cuts her hair". I looked up to see 3 inches of hair fall to the ground! Autumn had taken the toenail scissors from my little bag and cut a few locks of her hair. I said, "Oh, no!" And she burst into tears. So, I scooped her up and put her in a high chair in the kitchen and layered the hair in front of her face. Or at least I did my best. I don't think it looks too bad. When I retold the story to my mom this morning, she reminded me that Autumn had cut it before. But, unfortunately, I don't remember the first time. Although I think I'm recollecting it a little. I think it was when her hair was much shorter.
Ah, well, adventures in parenting little girls. We did go through 4 changes of clothes today and so the trend of clothes changing continues! Sami on the other hand has not mastered changing her own clothes yet--thank goodness. Otherwise, I would really have a lot of clothes to wash!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

playing dress up

I have to say, that my daughter Autumn can make me laugh more than most things I've ever known. Today, I went into her room after her nap. I found her standing in the midst of changing shirts (the 5 she had already tried on were in the dirty clothes hamper) with pink polka dot shorts on, socks with turquoise and white stripes and her pink Easter shoes with flowers on them (on the wrong feet of course). She was trying to take off her shirt and search for her butterfly shirt which she had put in the hamper. I just burst out laughing. The socks and shoes were quite the match. She does this a lot. A lot of little girls love to dress up in fancy "dress up" clothes. But, my daughter, well, she just loves to change her own clothes multiple times in one day.

On another note, my daughter Samantha is throwing us for a loop! Today, I walked around the corner to see her sitting on the kitchen table. She is only 17 months old! She climbs on absolutely anything she can and she scares me!! Please pray for her protection and safety--and for my sanity! She loves to climb up onto the couch and stand and bounce up and down without holding onto anything. Now, you might be wondering, don't they tell her "no"? Yes, we do, in fact tell her no, many times every day--but she's my little daredevil.

So, those were my adventures in parenting for the day.