Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ancient Practices

Over the past year, Thomas Nelson has published a series of books called The Ancient Practices Series.  The books cover such topics as fasting, prayer, tithing, and the liturgical year.  My husband and I were curious about the book by Joan Chittister titled The Liturgical Year.  The book is actually by Sister Joan Chittister.  She belongs to the Benedictine Order.  That is an important piece of information because it tells you what perspective this book is written from--a Catholic perspective.  I was curious as I read the introduction how that would shape the information in the book.

It is a very readable book.  But, the one word I would use to describe this book is "hyper-spiritual".  There are some wonderful quotes in this book, but there are also several that verge on the line between Christian and New Age thinking.  And it's very hard for me to discern the difference while I'm reading it.  Sometimes it was very clear in the book and then other times I felt like I was walking through grey areas.  This feeling is why I wouldn't recommend this book.  Here is an example from pg. 7 "The seasons and feasts, the fasts and solemnities, if we are open and alert to them, lead us deeper and deeper into the self, beyond the present, higher and higher into the One who beckons us on through time to that moment when we will dissolve into God, set free from time to become one with the universe."  So, although there is some good exposition in this book, unless you feel confident that you will be able to discern which thoughts cross the line into New Age thinking, I just wouldn't recommend this book.

Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing

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