Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Children's Devotionals

Recently, I realized that I didn't find any devotionals for parents to read with their elementary age children last year that I just loved.  I found two for middle schoolers that I loved and one for preschoolers, but none for the ages of my girls.  I recently picked one up off my shelf that I had bought used several years ago by Kenneth Taylor and was disappointed in the first two entries so I set it down.  I do love his devotional for preschoolers, Big Thoughts for Little People, though.  So, I thought I would begin to look for devotionals to read with my girls as they grow older.

I found one.
Later this week, I'm going to post a review of God's Names by Sally Michaels.  Ms. Michaels is the director, I believe, of Children Desiring God ministry.  This is the arm of John Piper's ministry for children.  My girls and I have been reading it and I have been surprised and pleased with how much I have enjoyed it.

Another is on its way to me that I'll be reviewing in a few weeks...
Big Truths for Young Hearts by Bruce Ware
I am looking forward to reading it as well and seeing what it is like!  Whereas God's Names focus on the names of God and what that means for what we believe and know about God, Big Truths covers the basics of the faith.

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