Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cynicism and Marketing

My husband loves to listen to Mars Hill Audio.  It is a sociological and cultural journal that focuses on the challenges Christians face in our culture.  A few years ago, there was an episode in which Dick Keyes was interviewed about a book that he wrote titled, Seeing Through Cynicism.  I hadn't realized the deep struggle that I had begun to face because cynicism had entered my mind and heart.  I saw it in others in my life, but not in my own.  As I read the book, I felt convicted about the state of my own heart and began to see what I needed to tackle and how I needed to fight the creeping vine of cynicism.

You can hear one of the talks here:
This talk begins talking about how cynicism creeps in through marketing.  Keyes goes on to later address how we should address cynicism.

If you're interested in listening to that episode of the journal, http://www.marshillaudio.org/resources/volume_contents.asp?segmentVolumeID=083
You can purchase it here.

My first blog was started because of this book and my reaction to it.  I never continued on with it, but I have left up my first posts here:  http://recoveringfromcynicism.blogspot.com/

If you get a chance to listen to the talk, I hope it will encourage you as it did me!

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