Thursday, February 23, 2012

1 more week to go...

It's already been a week since I deleted my facebook account.  That's a funny statement to make, isn't it?  It makes me think of a brooding teenager who's been grounded or someone who wants a cigarette and doesn't have any.  

The positives of not being on facebook?

1) I've prayed more and talked to God instead of running to other people to share what I'm thinking.
2) I've found that I have much less to do online and don't spend as much time online--because there just isn't anything to do.  I've never been much for surfing the web.
3) I have one less distraction in my life.
Overall, I'm relieved and glad not to be on it.  It's amazing to see how often I am realizing that facebook has complicated my relationships with my friends, rather than simplifying them.  

The negatives?

I have felt a bit disconnected, but not entirely.  I'd put it this way.  If you don't know that a party's going on that you weren't invited to, then you don't feel left out.  At this point, there isn't any way for me to know what I may be "left out of" by not being on facebook.  

It still makes me chuckle to think that I have to wait another week before my deletion from Facebook is final. They really know how to draw this thing out!


Kathy M. said...

:) I made major FB changes this week. I still need to email you about them. I stopped in to your blog looking for your umbrella list to pass on to someone who was asking and I saw your post so I thought I would chime in and say you aren't alone and I totally understand some of those feelings. I will say that the night I made the first initial round of changes, my heart felt so much lighter.
Be in touch soon :)
In Christ,

Anne said...

The umbrella list is on my Harford Homeschooling blog here:

Anne said...

I'm glad your heart feels lighter about fb :)