Monday, March 26, 2012

Printable Hundreds Chart

I have to be honest.  I like books.  A lot.  But, when we moved, my homeschooling area shrunk by about 66% and most of my books went into storage and a lot were donated.  I just didn't have room for them.  So, now when I'm missing something I used to have, I go to the internet.  Today I needed a hundreds chart.  I found a great one on this site.  Here's a direct link to just the chart:

I needed the hundreds chart for helping Sami understand what to round to, when rounding to the nearest 10.  So, I added an extra handwritten column on the left that said 0, 10, 20, 30, etc...   That way, we could talk through her assignment and go up or down to the nearest 10 without a super long number line that I just don't have room for, unfortunately.  I also wrote "Rounding Chart" at the top so that she wouldn't use it for addition or subtraction and get confused by the additional set of 10s on it.

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