Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Great Picture Book on Sculpture

I do not often look at books and just "love!" them. I have to admit that I am picky. This year we've been using a video art curriculum that they've learned quite a lot from. I'm still always looking for great art resources. This book is definitely one to add to my collection! The story isn't particularly exceptional, but I enjoy how the information is introduced to children on how to think about and ponder sculpture. It is introduced simply and at their level. My oldest daughter (9 yo) has already read the book and liked it a lot. I know she will absorb the information about the different types of sculptures and how to appreciate it from this book. Basically, a trio of mice travel to the art museum for a sculpture exhibit. They see various types of sculptures and then focus on one particular sculpture. They look at it from all angles and then sketch it. Then, they think about how it makes them feel and what it makes them think of. I loved this discussion! Then, they sketch the sculpture and the steps are given simply enough that a child (or a class) could imitate this practice with any sculpture. Then, the museum is about to open and the mice must head home. That is the weakest part of the story, but I overlooked it because I like the rest of the book so well. After the story, the author gives some great information about sculpture and an activity to do.

If you're looking for a resource to teach children in grades K-3 about sculpture, this is a neat one!

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