Monday, March 11, 2013

More Musical Math

When I started looking for some math facts music, it was easy to find lots of multiplication music, but it wasn't as easy to find an addition cd that I liked.  A lot of the music either super "pop" py or is rap.  I did finally come across an addition album that my family likes.  The group who published it also published a multiplication album.  

Jandie Jams/Kid Clever has two great albums.  The first is Listen in Addition.  There's a cute little board book that comes with the album.  One page is for each song.  The first ten songs cover zero to nine.  The next song is all the numbers that add up to ten.  This is a helpful song, because kids really need to have these facts down pat as they add double digits.  The next song is adding doubles and the last song wraps things up.  
Amazon doesn't have any samples of the songs, but the Kid Clever site does.  You can find it HERE.  There's a spot where you can hear samples from both the addition album and the multiplication album.  I think this music is best for kids in grades K-3.  Adding 0s, 1s, and even 2s is introduced in kindergarten.  
If you upload the album to your computer and transfer it to an ipod, you could make a new playlist with only the songs for the facts that you're working on.  

The second album is Multiplication Sensation.  Each song tells a little story that goes along with the pictures in the book that comes with it.  It's a small book, but my girls could look at it together.  As they listened to the songs, they pointed to each picture the song was telling about.  They definitely preferred the faster, upbeat songs.  The fives song was a little slower, more laid back and they didn't enjoy it as much.  I asked them if they could sing along to the faster songs and my oldest daughter definitely said they could after a few times listening.    

This cd can be found on Amazon and in specialty kids' stores across the country.  There's a list here of the stores that carry these cds:

I like these two albums because I think they're fun.  My kids enjoy them as well.  I'd recommend giving them a listen if you're looking for some fun ways to help your kids practice their arithmetic facts!

Please note that I received a complimentary copy of these two albums for review from Jandie Jams

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