Sunday, January 19, 2014

What do you do with a Martha?

There's a song in the Sound of Music about Maria.  There's a line that goes "How do you solve a problem like Maria?"  It came to my mind because I was thinking of Martha.  Mary and Martha.

How do you solve a problem like Martha?  

I'm asking this question with affection, because I am Martha through and through.  This week has been an absolutely crazy week for me.  We are going to be selling our home that we purchased two years ago.  The home that seemed so clearly for us turned out to be one thorn after another.  Faith, perseverance, patience... God has taught me so many lessons through this home!  Now all those problems and that mile long list are done.  Whew...  Amidst all the stress of recaulking the kitchen sink this week, calling a roofer for a consultation (yay--it was good news!), calling an electrician (will be here Monday), painting a wall inside a closet with only 4 inches of space between the wall and the washer/dryer, replacing a board of trim, painting the trim around two windows, moving our shed...  and finally painting our basement walls... amidst all of this I have been thinking and praying a lot.  I've been sharing with friends that we are going to move and that it is time.  

In the course of one conversation, I clearly began to see what a Martha I've become.  I have taken on a lot.  And I see God taking me out of it--while giving me peace that this is right.  How do you reset the priorities of a Martha?  In my case, I can see that it means to take me completely out of my Martha environment.  It means challenging me to think.  It means helping me see that I need to be more aware of who wants me to care and who doesn't.  It means helping me to not take for granted priorities that I've invented for myself.  

It is a good thing.  I don't know that it is going to be easy.  I felt myself bristle a little this afternoon at the unfamiliar.  I cling to the comfortable and where I feel safe.  But, it is time.  

It is time for change.  

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