Thursday, February 12, 2015

Putting together My music curriculum

My oldest daughter stopped taking piano lessons in October, so I realized yesterday that I needed to have a better plan for music for her for the rest of the year.  I sat down this morning and started forming  a plan.  My younger kids are going to do these lessons with her even though they are both currently studying instruments.

So, I'm putting together a plan.  First we're going to study the instruments in the orchestra.  Then, we're going to look at the periods of music history and then finally composers.  We're going to do a lesson every Friday am or every other Friday for 30-60 minutes.  I've found some awesome free resources online that have helped me put together a whole notebook.  Here's what I've found...

We are going to start with the Orchestra.  Here's our instrument pages:  are the first pages.  I'm using the cover page and then the first page from here: 
and the orchestra seating charts from here:
We are going to listen to the instruments on this page:
I am including only the modern one for this instrument study section.  I'm including the charts for all periods in our Music History study section.
I'm also including several of the instrument worksheets from here:  (one for each instrument section)
If you want individual instrument pages:
I'm only using the one on the piano. (for older children grades 4-6) (pages 9, 11, 12, 26)

Then on to Music History:  plus the charts:  for instrument charts that are printable.  Click on the arrow to go forward to the next period in history.
As we talk about each period, I'm going to play a sample piece from Classics for Kids  If you click on each period, you can click on a composer and piece.

Then, we're going to move on to Composer Study
I've printed off a timeline for each period of music (and handwritten a label at the top identifying the period).  Each time we start a new composer study we will place that person's name and life span on the timeline for the period they belong in.
I found this site with several sets of composer sheets for grades 4-6
Another page with composer worksheets is:
And finally,
This site has a varying number of worksheets for each.
For the composers I want to study but don't have worksheets for, we are going to listen to one of the past Classics for Kids shows here:
and use the notebooking sheets from this set:
pages 8,9,10,11, 12 (depending on child and needs)

So, that's my plan!  I think I got all of the things in there that I'm going to be using.

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