Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Birthday Ball Discussion Questons

Last night, my daughter hosted a book group discussion about The Birthday Ball by Lois Lowry.  I looked on the web for some questions, but couldn't find any, so I asked her to write her own list of questions.  She did (and I added on the last 3).  Here's her list in case anyone would like to use them for a literature unit or discussion group.

The Birthday Ball Discussion Questions

1.  When you first looked at this book, what did you think this book would be like?
2.  Would you want to be in the princess' shoes?  Why or why not?
3.  Which character are you most like?  Why?
4.  If you lived in the princess' country, would you want to be nobility or peasantry?  Why?
5.  If you could change anything in this book, what would you change?  Why?
6. The princess' parents are both unusual.  Can you name some strange things about them?  Compare them with your parents.  What are some differences between them?
8.  If you were the princess, would you have done what she did, in going to school?  What might you have done differently?
9.  What 5 words best describe the princess?  Can you think of words for any other characters?
10.  What do you think the moral of the story is?
11.  Every girl that watches Disney princess movies wants to be a princess.  Did you feel that way after you read this story?  How do you think the reader might have wanted you to feel after reading this story?
12.  How did you feel at the end of this book?
13.  This book doesn't end the way all princess stories do with the prince and princess getting married and living happily ever after.  --Do you like the ending of this book more or less?  Why?
--What do you think happened next--after the end of the book?

**These questions are reproducible for classroom, home school, and book group use.  Please do not use them in any resale materials without prior consent from the author of this blog.

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