Friday, March 27, 2015

A new schedule

Deep Breath.  It's been quite a week.

On Monday morning, I instituted a new schedule with my kids.  I know my weaknesses and one of them this year has been pushing back our start time.

I have other things I want to reflect on about our new schedule, but I think need to post these links before I forget...

I love my middle daughter dearly.  She is very unique.  She has her strengths and weaknesses.  My kids and I were very clear with me today that they know mine and theirs ;)  Anyways, I saw an area this week that I need to work on with her--her imagination.  I love the way God helps me see what my kids need as I'm schooling them.

So, I'm instituting an Imagination Exercise Schedule as part of our devotions/read aloud time starting on Monday...

Here it goes:

Monday          Story Starter
          I will start the story with a few sentences and each child will take a turn adding at least one sentence or a few more... (Go as long or short as we want)

Tuesday          Close Your Eyes:  Sensory exercises
          Imagine you are...          a butterfly flying in the air.  Fill in your description.
          Imagine different places, creatures, jobs.
          Ask the kids questions while their eyes are closed.

Wednesday    Picture Story Telling
          Show the kids a picture and ask them to imagine what that person is feeling.  Ask them to
          imagine why they're feeling that way.  What's going on in the picture?

Thursday        Would you rather...?
          Here are some questions I found online:

Friday            Prediction Exercises
          When I grow up...
          Read a passage, what's going to happen next?  Read the next part.  Were they right?
                       OR Charades


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