Saturday, June 27, 2015

Another lesson from a fiction book

I was reading a free fiction book this week that I had downloaded from Amazon.  It was titled All for Anna, by Nicole Deese.  I haven't found an easy way to find the free kindle books, but if you scroll down to literature, then scroll down to inspirational fiction, then have the books sorted by cost... well, then the free books will come up first.  One might say there must be a reason these books are free.  I think the reason is that they're usually the first in a series. If the author gets you hooked, well, you'll buy the next one in the series!

In this case, it really did hook me (I enjoyed the author's writing) and I was able to "borrow" the second book from Amazon Prime's lending library.  But, back to the book at hand and the lesson I learned...

The book All for Anna focuses on a 24 year old young woman, Tori, who is dealing with PTSD because she wasn't able to save a little girl from an accident.  The story keeps moving and I enjoyed reading the romance part of the story as well as how the young woman's family healed.  But, there's this one scene in which Tori is meeting her counselor and I had an "aha!" moment.  The counselor gives Tori a spiral notebook and explains that it's for her to continue processing.  It's a spiral notebook because some things are meant to be torn out and thrown away rather than held onto and remembered.  This was a powerful visual to me--simple, but powerful.

I shared it with my husband and his reply was quick and straight to the point.  That is what forgiveness is.


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