Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fun Fiction

A few years ago I started reading Jen Turano's Christian fiction novels and reviewing them.  I still remember how much I enjoyed the first one because it made me laugh.  Her novels have continued to do that for me.  Her latest one is the second in a new series she's written, titled In good Company.

The first book in the series told the story of Harriet Peabody (After a Fashion).  This second book
tells the story of one of good friends Millie Longfellow and her adventures being a nanny.  Millie has this peculiar habit of liking big words, carrying a dictionary with her, and often using those words incorrectly.  It's very funny, really.  My eleven year old daughter read the first two pages and told me, "Mommy, I like this one."  She's not going to read it, but she did appreciate the humor of it.  She hates romance and I wouldn't let her read it because it's not a kids book.  But, I did really enjoy it.  

Millie is a nanny who loves kids.  She's also a nanny living in a culture where kids are to be seen and not heard.  So, she regularly runs into conflict with her employers because she wants the kids to have fun.  Her employers don't see it that way.  In the story, she comes to be employed by the best friend of her friend Harriet's husband, Everett, as a nanny for his 3 wards.  Everett is set to marry a shrewish woman well situated in society.  The story follows their adventures and misadventures caring for these 3 kids.  

This novel is a melodrama, but a very fun one at that.  The writing flows, the plot moves, and you can easily imagine the characters in the setting of the book.  The cover looks extremely fake, but you just have to overlook that.  Usually covers like this are better done, but for some reason I don't like this cover.  Since the book is fun, I can definitely overlook the cover!  A few books ago, Ms. Turano lost some of the humor.  But, it seems like she really recaptured that part of her writing in this book.  I'm glad she did.

If you're looking for a light, humorous Christian fiction read I'd check this one out.  It will probably make you smile.

Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from Bethany House Publishers.

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