Saturday, December 9, 2006

hanging over your head

Have you ever noticed how painting (or anything else, especially house projects) can become all consuming very quickly? It feels like it all has to be done now! It's harder to go slow than to go fast! I'm painting our downstairs and it is slowwwwly coming together. The rest of the house I painted as fast as I could--every waking free moment. This time I'm trying to do it different--so that I don't drive my husband crazy! So far he says I'm succeeding. Yahoo!

But the real question is in all of this, how do we keep ourselves from getting overwhelmed when we put too much on our plates. Any suggestions?

Can we hear?

A friend, made an interesting comment about people's opinions. He said that if who he's talking to can recount several of the strong points of the opposing side, then he can tell that they have thought about what they believe--or rather they haven't been brainwashed. =0) I wonder if I can do that. That's a pretty challenging thought to me. Do I listen enough to the other side to understand where they're coming from? Or is my pride getting in the way as I hold onto what I believe and it keeps me from hearing the other side? Just food for thought...

Thursday, December 7, 2006


Random thought from a friend.
Sometimes we can't hear the truth or don't want to because of our pride. We don't want to change our minds, because...why? Is it because we feel better if we're right? Is it because we would seem weak if we're wrong? Are we afraid of getting bullied into believing something different than we do? What is it that makes us feel like we have to win the argument?
Whatever the reason, I think I need to work on this when I think I'm reacting this way. I know I've done it before. I was in a discussion, but I wasn't willing to change my mind or recant in front of the person. I thought about it later and partially agreed with the other person. But, for some reason, I just didn't want to change my mind at the time.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

walking the duck

We have one of those ducks that has a stick for a handle and two little circles with flaps for wheels. Chris and I were laughing tonight when we realized it's only two weeks until my mom comes for Christmas. Sami is already ready for the presents--she tried to open the presents I'm going to mail. She's only 1! But, the duck. Last Christmas, my mom was such an awesome playmate for Autumn. She and Autumn went for walks--miles and miles--up and down our short hallway. My mom would be hunched over pushing the duck and Autumn would be pushing her stroller. They'd get to the end and they'd turn right back around. When my mom and the duck got tired, they took a break. But, Autumn was always adamant within a few minutes that the duck wasn't tired anymore. So, they went for long, long walks together...inside =0) I hope the duck is ready to go for some more walks! Or rather, I hope my mom is! She's such an awesome grandma!
I do love to paint...houses. But, this blog isn't going to be about painting. It's just a blog. For random thoughts and funny stories about our kids. So, that's that!