Saturday, May 14, 2011

Get Wisdom! Day 1

This morning we were sitting with our kids at breakfast and it felt like the right time to bring out Get Wisdom! because of the topic of our conversation.  So, I went to the homeschool room and brought it back out.

We began with the first page which explains what Christian Wisdom is and why we should want to be good.   When the first question talks about the truth, I explained to my children that truth is what is right in God's eyes and that we know what is right in His eyes because He tells us in His Word.

We went through the first lesson on Listening.  My husband added one thing that I thought was very important.  He clarified for the girls the difference between "listening" and "hearing".  Listening involves paying attention to what someone is saying.  Hearing only means that we have heard the sounds someone has made, but not that we  were actively giving the sounds any attention.  We often hear what people have to say without listening to them.

I am going to plan on compiling the other tips I think will add to the teaching of these lessons and post them, in the hopes that they might be helpful to you if you use this book to teach your children.

I will say that I loved the first lesson and our discussion about Christian wisdom.  My husband and I both felt that it was a very important concept to understand--why we are good (not because it will get us to heaven, but out of love for God) and the discussion questions on listening were perfect for my 7 year old while still relevant and engaging for my 5 year old daughter!

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