Thursday, July 28, 2011

Filling in the Gaps

A month ago, we went out to lunch after church with some friends.  The husband, who knows many homeschooling families, observed that to be a good homeschooling teacher you have to have knowledge about and interest in a wide variety of subjects.  I remarked back that, "or you need to have a friend who can help fill in the gaps where you fall short".  

I grew up in LA.  There wasn't much nature around.  I lived in a suburb surrounded by suburbs.  I had no interest in science.  Science is a subject area where I have gaps.  

God gave me a dear friend to help me fill in this gap.  She has opened my children's eyes up to nature and blessed our family.  Last year, she gave us several caterpillars and a cocoon, which we got to watch as they went through the  life cycle of the butterfly.  This year my friend was heading out on vacation, so she bestowed on us the gift of a cocoon to watch over.  

I have checked each morning on the cocoon to see if anything had changed.  Yesterday morning nothing had changed.  Then, halfway through the morning, Autumn remarked that the butterfly had hatched.  Here are a few pictures from our butterfly release.

Butterflies need to be released and then placed on a leaf so that their wings won't dry stuck together.  

This large butterfly had a hard time getting out.  
But, once he did, he quickly flew to a nearby branch on the cherry tree.

Homeschooling is not as much of a solo effort as you might expect.  When we try to do it alone, it can be discouraging.  Fellowship is good for our hearts and our children's.  It is a blessing for them to learn from other adults that you trust.  I am very thankful for my friend who helps fill in a few of my gaps.  I am thankful that my children are learning to love nature in a way that I have not.  I am growing in this love as I teach them and walk with them.  

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Kim said...

I think that applies not just to homeschooling families. My girls have interests that I know nothing about or want to learn how to do things that I can't do. So I seek the expertise of those around me. I am also glad that you have a friend to help you fill that gap. You are right, we are not meant to be alone!