Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What will my life sound like when I'm gone?

I suppose that's a very strange question to ask myself, but I started reading a book this morning that made me think about it.  I'm reading the fourth and final collection of Anne Morrow Lindbergh's letters.  The editor, one of her sons, writes of how she made carbon copies of everything she wrote, as did her husband.  She was a diligent record keeper.  I puzzled about this when I read his descriptions of her writing habits.

I have only just begun to read the book and I am hoping that my understanding of her habits will grow as I read more of it.  But, I am very struck by the value she placed on her own thoughts and writings--and the value she assumed others would place on these writings.

The other thought that struck me was how she talks about God.  Her statements remind me of how my own grandmother viewed God.  I do not get the sense yet that she had a relationship with God.  She tells her children Bible stories, identifies that ability we have to forgive one another is the touch of God in each one of us, that God had mercy on her when she miscarried.  It is not my place at all to judge what her relationship with God was like.  He knows.  I don't.

But, it made me think about whether God is a part of my conversations.  If someone were to read things I wrote--would they know that I love the Lord?  Would they know that I believe in Jesus?  Would they know that I love others with the love that He has given me?  What would someone think?

What would someone think of me and the things I say?  I hope that they would hear my heart in the things I write and have written.

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