Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fun Pirate Book for Kids!

My son turned 4 this past April and I wanted to throw him a pirate birthday party. I searched high and low for a pirate tale that I loved and never found one. I found one that was okay (Peg Leg Peke), but I wish I had found this one. It is a great story and I am glad to have found it now.  I read it as an e-book online with my kids, but it would be much more fun to read as a paperback book, which is what I'd recommend.

After reading it, these were their comments:

Oldest (girl): I loved that story!
Middle (girl): I liked it--Molly likes it too! (our dog)
Youngest (boy): So funny. I want another one.
Oldest (girl): I loved that they got cake at the end.
Youngest (boy): And a kiss!

My kids are 8,6, and 4 years old.  I was surprised and pleased at how much they enjoyed the story.  They laughed throughout the story (just as I did the first time I read it). As a mom, I loved the story because of the affectionate tone about moms and what they told their sons. I also love it because it's a pirate story without skulls and cross bones. Most pirate stories I've found have these in it, because skulls and crossbones represent death. I want my son to imagine stories about the adventures on the sea--not death and violence. I suppose I might be naive in that, but that's okay with me.

I highly recommend this to any mom of a boy who loves pirates. Snuggle up on the couch.  It might also be a good bedtime story to read aloud as your sons or daughters are going to sleep. And I do suspect that your daughters will love it too (just like mine!).

There is a special deal with this book.  If you're interested in purchasing a copy, the author let me know that you can contact the author teresa at teresaiveslilly@yahoo.com  and she can sell you a signed copy for $4.50 plus 1.75 shipping (the regular price is $7.15 plus shipping on CBD).  Just mention that you read my review of this book via an email or my blog, LoveToPaint :) for the special price.

Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from the author.

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