Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wise Advice

A friend gave me some wise advice this morning.  I wanted to write it down lest I forget it.  I am afraid that though it was only given 2 hours ago, I already cannot articulate it as it was shared with me.

I shared with my friend some trouble I have been pondering.  I realized yesterday that I cannot fix everything. 

She gave me the advice that I need to walk alongside my husband and friends and family, but that it is not my job to fix everything or make decisions for people.  I am to look for the work God has for me to do and pray if I am concerned for decisions people are making or have made.  Within the realm of my own life, I have plenty to do.  My friend said this so kindly and gently and I received it.  She is right.  

I do not, should not, and cannot live anyone's life for them.  It is not my place.  It is not my place either to judge their decisions.  But, I can pray, help others, and look for the work God has for me to do.  I can also pray that God would make it very clear when I am to speak--if and when I am ever to speak of things that concern me.  

These are wise things for me to remember.  I often get very troubled for those in my life that I love.  I ponder and dwell.  But, that pondering and dwelling can keep me from other things I should be doing and thinking about. 

And now on to lunch and my children...  what I really should be thinking about right now!

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