Friday, May 2, 2014

Free Middle School Science Materials Online!

I am beginning to search for what my oldest daughter is going to do next year for science.  Through elementary school, she has completed 4 years of Harcourt's Science, 1 year of Considering God's Creation, and Singapore's Early Bird Science in Kindergarten.  Heading into middle school is tough for me in this area. I want a curriculum that is going to teach her more.  I've also learned that she needs a text in front of her.  I loved Christian Kids Explore Science, but my kids did not!  They struggled to follow what I was saying without a text and without being familiar with the spelling of the long words I was saying outloud.  So, where do I go?  I've looked at Apologia before and though I know lots of homeschool folks love it, the formatting of the books I've looked at in the past is very hard for me to focus on and digest.  I'm very visual, so font and formatting are key for me.

So, I'm starting with taking a look at Common Sense Press' science (Great Science Adventures) again this week and looking at some free resources I found online.

Then, I found this free course for general science inquiry:
Cathy Duffy wrote a review of it and that was I found it on her site:

From that site, I found this free Chemistry course for middle school:

And the third that I'm going to be taking a look at is NOEO Science.

I need to dig in a little more.  I'm leaning towards the free or the Noeo....

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