Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Important Things to Remember...

A lot of people I know, me included, often feel skeptical about the 700 club and Pat Robertson.  I think this is mostly due to how outspoken he has been about many world events and people and his opinions.  This morning, my mom mentioned that she had been watching it and that there was a singer on the show named Regie something talking about his new book and album.  I was curious who it was.  So, I looked it up.  After a little searching, I came upon his website:  His new book is the story about him and his wife and their little girl that they adopted from China.  She has a rare genetic disorder called Angelman's Syndrome.  He wrote a very touching and powerful entry in his blog at this link:  .  It reminded me of what love really is.  Please share this link with friends and family if it touches your heart.  One of the greatest blessings of Facebook and blogs, I think, is that we get the chance to share things that we learn about that we might not otherwise have the chance to pass along.

Last month, I reviewed a fiction book that I had a few concerns about.  One of my concerns was that the ending to the story could be construed that it would be better if your child did not have a disability than if they did.  I was concerned about how this might make a parent who has a child with special needs feel.  This blog entry by Regie Hamm reminded me of why I was concerned.  It also gave me a peek into how children with special needs are such a blessing to everyone who knows them and has the chance to love them.

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Deb said...

As an aside, I've been healed by God through the 700 words of knowledge twice! And my mom gave her life to Christ when I was 10 when she was watching it. God works through what He wills :)