Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thankful for Homeschooling Curriculum

It's such a good feeling when I find I've ordered something for homeschooling that is just what I was looking for!

I've pretty much done my planning for the year, but there are a few minor things I keep pondering.  One has been writing.  Last year, I had thought about getting EPS set of books Write about Me and Write about My World.  Then last week when I was ordering the last of our Explode The Code books from CBD, I looked at the set again and at their Just Write series.  I used Well Trained Mind's Writing With Ease series last year.  I liked it, but I always felt that Autumn would love the chance to do some constructive creative writing.  We did a little, but not as much as I would like.

So, I read the reviews for Write about Me and it sounded just right for Autumn to give her a chance to be creative in her writing this year.  Writing With Ease is a 4 day a week curriculum, so we'll use this on the fifth day.  The first book lets her begin by filling in sentences about herself and then pages to draw a picture on and then write about (with a given question).  I think it will actually work better for her this year than last because the lines to write on aren't that big.

But, just before the package arrived today, I had another thought about curriculum.  It was this--there are so many great choices and fun things to add to curriculum.  I need to stop looking when I have what I need.  If I discover a hole, then I think it's okay to look for filling for that hole, but otherwise, I think it's good to try and not browse too much =)

Anyways, these are just my random thoughts for the moment.

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