Friday, August 16, 2013

Music Curriculum Ideas

Our children have taken piano lessons each year that I've been homeschooling, so that has been their music curriculum.  But, yesterday I brainstormed with a friend of mine ideas for music this year for her kids in grades 1 and 2.

Here was my idea:
Make a composer notebook.
Study one composer a week.        
1.  For each composer, read a biography on or  These are very brief.  Then, find a past episode of Classics for Kids on the composer to listen to with your children.
2.  Making Music Fun has a composer job application.
You could also make your own if there are other details you want your children to record.
3.  There are coloring pages dot to dots and word search worksheets for the composers on Making Music Fun.          
4.  Look at this page for other ideas:
5.  Check out a cd from the library for that composer that you listen to in the car as you're going to and from places all week.

The cost of curriculum can add up and we all choose what items are most important to us and save where we can.  If music is one of those areas you find yourself seeking to save money on this year (but is a required subject where you live), this might be a free way of studying this rich subject this year!  

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