Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Writing A Homeschool Teacher Resume

I'm helping a friend who's switching jobs write a resume.  She hasn't written one in years, so this is something new.  I began working on her resume, but then stopped to write my own because I thought it might be helpful.  

Being a homeschool teacher may not seem to many like an occupation or career, but it is.  I used the combined form of resume for myself.  I began with the basic information, then moved on to strengths (the combined skills/experience part), education, Occupational Experience, then Related Experience, Certifications, Computer Skills, and mentioned at the end... References Available Upon Request.  

Sometimes homeschooling parents have to reenter the workplace because of family changes and needs.  How could you express what you've been doing in a way that's acceptable for a resume?

Well, here's my take on it...

Teacher, Homeschool                                    200_-Present
●  Write curriculum to meet the individual learning needs of students
●  Identify sources of students’ academic struggles and implemented modifications to assist students to learn to their full potential
● Balance needs of students, family, and home maintenance and repair while completing a rigorous course of study with students in different grade levels
● Research and choose appropriate curriculum for students’ ability and grade levels
● Teach lessons, continually assess students’ mastery of material, and follow through trajectory to help students reach their yearly academic benchmarks.
● Conduct Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) bi-annually to groups of 6-10 students
● Meet yearly state and umbrella requirements for homeschooling families

The reality is that homeschool teachers do many tasks that are similar to that of classroom teachers and they require just as much skill!  In fact, as a homeschool teacher, I've been able to hone my skills as a reading teacher and learn about learning disabilities/struggling learners in a way I couldn't in the classroom.  God has laid it on my heart.  I'm working this week on a new spelling curriculum for Sami to help her improve her encoding and writing skills.

Under Related Experience, I included my photography, blogging, and web site manager experience for our church (which is small, but does require work and skills from me).  

I think the key for people reentering the workplace or making career change is thinking about what you can do and what you choose to do that could make you valuable to a future employer.  

The next and bigger piece, though, is connecting to everyone you know and networking.  Let them know you're looking for a job.  Even in this day and age of computers, the largest percentage of jobs are still obtained by "knowing somebody who knows somebody" and getting your foot in the door.  If I were looking for a job outside our home right now, I'd make a list of everyone I know and what they do.  Then, I'd narrow my field of vision to what kind of jobs I want to pursue and start talking to people.  "Do you know anyone who...?"  "Could you let me know if there are any jobs opening where you work?"  "Could you keep me in mind if you hear of anything?"...  

And then, I'd just start talking and trusting--Trusting God to help me find the job he wants me to be in.  We are supposed to actively pursue things and not be lazy, but what God has made clear to me with every one of the jobs I've had is that I've gotten the job because of a key piece that was not in my control--but was in His.

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Thanks! This was extremely helpful!