Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fake Fireworks

When I grew up, we were able to set of fireworks where we lived. I remember holding sparklers in my hands and enjoying it immensely. I have longed for my kids to experience a little of the joy and fun that comes with fireworks, but we live in a state that doesn't allow them.  Yesterday, we were in a little toy shop that had something called a Skylight Rocket in the clearance section.  It was $10, so I took it to my husband to see if he thought it might be a good idea.  He agreed, so we purchased it.  

Eli was so excited when we got back to the vacation house where we're playing and took out the rocket set up. He had such a great time. Of course, the rockets quickly went from being pointed in the air to being pointed at me! Boys always look for a target. Then, it became a cannon and my husband became the bad guy... 

Last night, we took this rocket out at night and turned on the two lit rockets that come with this set. We let Eli jump on the pad, but my 7 and 9 year old girls were only allowed to use one foot and stomp on it so that they wouldn't break the air launch pad. They had such a wonderful time watching the lit rockets fly up and then down again. I felt as if we got a taste of the feeling I had with fireworks years ago and was so thankful!

I miss fireworks.  I miss the fun that I had when I enjoyed them as a kid, and often I want the same things for my kids--similar experiences for my kids, but they just don't seem possible.  And then, God blesses me in some way like this.  Honestly, I smiled in my heart last night knowing that God knew how much I have wanted to do fireworks with my kids.  And I knew this was close.  

It happened a few days ago as well.  My husband and I have pretty much decided that we don't want to go to movie theaters anymore.  They're expensive and often don't seem worth it afterwards.  But, that experience of going when you're a kid is priceless.  I still remember the first movie I saw in a theater--Disney's A Jungle Book (I didn't actually like it).  On Sunday night, we took the kids to see Disney's Planes movie in a small town movie theater.  We were the only ones there in the theater.  The older theater didn't have the huge modern sound system that the ones by us have--and we were thankful.  Our kids have sensitive ears and we had been worried that they wouldn't be able to handle the noise.  But, they were fine.  In fact, they absolutely loved the movie.  My husband and I both agreed we'd try and go again when there was an appropriate movie out (that's the hardest part).  

As we drove home from the movie, I smiled inside, thanking God for the blessings of that night.  The huge joy that came from watching our children enjoy themselves so much.  Again, it was an experience I had wanted for my kids, but didn't know when of if they'd get to experience it.

Life often doesn't look the way I wish or think it should--in both big and small ways.  The world is a different place than I wish it was.  But, the Lord amazes me with how he cares about the little and big things.  Two things that seem so trivial and yet they were two things that I wanted so much for my kids--the movies and fireworks...  

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Kim said...

:) That is a sweet story. I am so glad that you got to have those experiences with and for your your kids.